Odd Voided (solution)

by Greg Clark, Ian Jorgeson, and Jordan Bennett Louis Smith

Each answer word gets interleaved with a word embedded in the clue to form a longer word. The embedded words are in bold in the solution below.

For each clue, take the indexed letter out of the interleaved word. Order the letters by clue length (by number of words in the clue) to get CRUST AND FILLING, which clues PIE; interleaving PIE with AND gives the final answer PAINED.

  1. Old murder mystery game (1) CLUE + OLD = COLLUDE -> C
  2. Ami of Jennifer and Angelina (3) BRAD + AMI = BARMAID -> R
  3. One way you can say “drags” (3) LUGS + ONE = LOUNGES -> U
  4. Nite stalker’s clichéd threat, combined with “or” (5) ELSE + NITE = ENLISTEE -> S
  5. Stick (out), just as any protruding item will (5) JUT + ANY = JAUNTY -> T
  6. Impolite word for the part on which you sit (1) ASS + SIT = ASSIST -> A
  7. The Asian rainbow shark has a red one of these (5) FIN + RED = FRIEND -> N
  8. Someone who ran successfully for office might be helped by one (5) AIDE + RAN = ARIADNE -> D
  9. When you say “let the games begin,” you expect to have some (1) FUN + LET = FLUENT -> F
  10. In some artists’ depictions, Eve is using this to cover her upper parts (5) HAIR + EVE = HEAVIER -> I
  11. To prevent it from getting too cold, you should put your foot in this (6) SHOE + COLD = SCHOOLED -> L
  12. In Enrique’s tongue, this has been our planet’s source of heat and light for eons (5) SOL + HAS = SHOALS -> L
  13. At a Belgian restaurant, this food item would very likely be served with urns of mayonnaise (5) FRIES + URNS = FURRINESS -> I
  14. You might need one of these to figure out how to defeat Ares in God of War (5) HINT + ARES = HAIRNETS -> N
  15. Polonius would have been able to gain more information from behind this if he had not revealed himself (2) ARRAS + GAIN = AGRARIANS -> G
Charles L. Dodgson
Charles L. Dodgson