Investigator’s Report

Originally from England, this theatre critic and games columnist writes under the pen name Charles L. Dodgson. His reviews frequently opine that Broadway simply doesn’t live up to West End theatre. When asked about American games, he replied, “Pure rubbish! You should see the games we played in Oxford. Why, sometimes I’ve played as many as six impossible games before breakfast. Here, let me show you.”

Charles has challenged you to a game of Scrabble Solitaire! Make only the highest-scoring play possible with your rack. You agree with him on a likely-looking book to check your words.

Draw tiles as follows: First, alphabetize the answers. Then take all the first letters in order from top to bottom, then all the second letters, etc. Consulting the table below, for each letter pick a legal move from the row, play it, and draw its tile. Continue until you exhaust the letters in your answers.

Your cumulative scores after each play will be 32, 130, 146, 171, 187, 254, 328, 342, 357, 387, 402, 426, 455, 481, 520, 621, 641, 653, and 657.

A: E[1](Kd6) H[4](gxh5) L[1](Bb8) R[1](Rc3) T[1](Bc7) T[1](Bg3) T[1](Qf6) Y[4](Rc8)
B: O[1](Qxh1) W[4](g4)
C: H[4](e6) L[1](a4) U[1](Nxc6) U[1](Rd7) X[8](Nb8)
D: G[2](Kh4) H[4](Qxd2) T[1](Kg7)
E: A[1](Qh4) A[1](Qh4) E[1](Ke4) E[1](Ne5) E[1](Qa7) E[1](Qxa7) E[1](Rf8) E[1](Rf8) G[2](Kh6) G[2](Rxd8) T[1](Qc1) T[1](Qc1) W[4](Qf1)
F: F[4](Ra3)
G: O[1](Bg2) Y[4](h5) Y[4](Qc4#)
H: B[3](Bb7)
I: B[3](a5) C[3](Kf7) D[2](Nb4) I[1](Qf7+) N[1](Kg4) T[1](Bc5)
J: D[2](Ke7)
K: D[2](Kf4) H[4](c6) L[1](Kd7)
L: A[1](Bf4) C[3](Qxf6) E[1](Qf3+) I[1](Nc6) M[3](Qe3) O[1](Qxd8+) R[1](Rf6)
M: A[1](gxf6) B[3](Bxg3) E[1](Re3+)
N: E[1](Qxf8) I[1](Qd1) S[1](Kxd4) V[4](Bd7)
O: A[1](Nd8) C[3](Rxg8+) F[4](Qc8) R[1](Kd8) R[1](Nf8) S[1](Nd3) S[1](Rd2)
P: J[8](d4) L[1](e5)
Q: S[1](d5)
R: H[4](Kg5) N[1](Ba6) O[1](Kd5) P[3](Kg8) T[1](Bxf8) U[1](Bd8) U[1](d6) U[1](Qxb7) Y[4](Qxf7+)
S: G[2](Qh1) H[4](Qb6) O[1](Nf3) T[1](Bxe4)
T: L[1](Rd8) P[3](Bc6) S[1](Qc5)
U: H[4](dxe4) N[1](Kc8) N[1](Nd7) N[1](Ne4) Y[4](Nd2)
V: H[4](Qc7+) S[1](Bb4)
W: I[1](Qh8+)
X: W[4](0-0)
Y: R[1](Bd6)
Z: O[1](Rxf8)
Charles L. Dodgson
Charles L. Dodgson