Edge of your Seat FUN! (solution)

by Emily Morgan

Teams are invited to send a person or two to play Jenga with us. They play with a normal Jenga tower, except that the pieces are colored in 8 colors. The rules of the game are:

Normal Jenga rules

“On your turn, carefully remove a block from anywhere BELOW the highest completed story. Use only one hand! Then stack the block on top of the tower at right angles to the blocks just below it.”

Mystery Hunt additions

The 8 clue words form a puzzle. Each word has a unique non-initial letter such that you can move that letter to the front to get a new word (e.g. ENERVATE → VENERATE). Take those letters in rainbow order (by color of the piece they came from) to spell out the answer, SANDWICH.

Ben Bitdiddle
Ben Bitdiddle