Carb Pool (solution)

by Patrick Blindauer

Solvers get two bags of pasta, both cut into lengths. The first bag contains:

6” of Bucatini
2” of Fettuccine
1” of Fusilli
3” of Lasagne
4” of Spaghetti
5” of Udon

The second bag contains some other lengths, but before we give them the bag we smash the pasta to pieces before their eyes.

Reconstructing the broken pieces reveals

7” of Bucatini
10” of Fettuccine
3” of Fusilli
4” of Lasagne
1” of Spaghetti
3” of Udon

Sorting by the unique lengths in the first bag and taking the nth letter of the pasta in the second bag (where n is the reconstructed length) gives the final answer: SEASON.

Ben Bitdiddle
Ben Bitdiddle