Bad Poetry (solution)

by Alex Calhoun and Ashley Destra Freeman

Each poem has two blanks, which can be filled with eye rhymes, words that visually look like they should rhyme, but don’t rhyme audibly. Each poem also describes or references a film that is a remake of an earlier film.

All the eye rhymes need to be identified, as well as the films referenced. From each poem, the first word of the eye-rhyme pair is ordered using the years that the original films were released. The second word of each eye rhyme pair should be ordered using the years of the film remakes. In two columns, taking the first letter of each eye rhyme word will produce the phrase: POEMS BY LOW CASTE / ARE SUBJECT TO BAD. This clues the puzzle answer TASTE, which is an eye rhyme for CASTE.

Puzzle # 1st rhyme 2nd rhyme Film(s) Original Year Remake Year
LEASE EASE The Thing From Another World / The Thing 1951 1982
OVER COVER The Fly 1958 1986
APLOMB TOMB Bedtime Story / Dirty Rotten Scoundrels 1964 1988
SUIT JESUIT The Lady Vanishes 1938 1979
SHOVE TROVE La Femme Nikita / Point of No Return 1990 1993
TAUGHT DRAUGHT Infernal Affairs / The Departed 2002 2006
PATE EQUATE The Ten Commandments 1923 1956
EAST ABREAST Ju-on / The Grudge 2003 2004
BEAT SWEAT The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek/ Rock-A-Bye Baby 1944 1958
10  OLIVE ALIVE The Dawn Patrol 1930 1938
11  EXAMINE ROUTINE M 1931 1951
12  MOUTH UNCOUTH The Old Dark House 1932 1963
13  YEAR BEAR Rashomon  / The Outrage 1950 1964
14  WIND BIND Ocean’s Eleven 1960 2001
15  CROWN OWN The Parent Trap 1961 1998
Ben Bitdiddle
Ben Bitdiddle