Index of All Puzzles for MIT Mystery Hunt 2012

A Circus Line

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1207 1370 Potlines
Blackout Pure and Simple
Fight Choreography Revisiting History
Good Auspicious Hunting Star Search
Middle-See The Wicked Switch

Betsy Johnson

Investigator's Report
Slash Fiction
Jekyll and Hyde
March Madness The Measure of All Things


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Playing a Part Winning Conditions
Yo Dawg, I Herd You Like Puzzle Hunts Zugzwaang
Crank It Up To 7 O Blessed Day
Paper Trail

Charles Lutwidge Dodgson

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Match Game
Audio Games
B.J. Blazkowicz in ‘Wintertime for Hitler’
Freshman Physics Odd Voided
Gibberish and More Gibberish The Undiscovered Underground
Incredible Edibles

Into the Woodstock

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20 Questions Keeping Records
Criss-Cross Of Course!
Critical Thinking Sounds Good to Me
Dawn of a New Era Strip Mind
Equal Billing Tax... In... Space
Fulfilling Puzzle The Answers Are Somehow Connected
Google Bodyslam Towers
Hang Ten

William S. Bergman

Investigator's Report
25th Annual Putnam County Debate Tournament Good Neighbors
Behave How Hard Can It Be?
Collect Them All In Vivo
Coming to a Location Near You Twosquare

Mayan Fair Lady

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Picture an Acorn Initial Public Offering
Evil Influence The Voices in Your Head
Itinerant People of America Stage Lines
Eek! Award-Winning Poetry
The Rainbow Connection Getting There is Half the Fun
Snap Judgment

Ben Bitdiddle

Investigator's Report
Bad Poetry My Summer Vacation
Blowing Down the House Pacific Overtones
Carb Pool Panorama
Edge of your Seat FUN! QED

Phantom of the Operator

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Any Old Puzzle Get Your Dog Back...
Cross-Breeding Impostors
Set Theory Course 7E
Headstones Functions
General Knowledge

Sheila Sunshine

Investigator's Report
Curiouser and Curiouser Rats
Disorder of Operations Sovereignty
Highlights Stand
Pirates of the Tyrrhenian The Signs They Are A-Changin’

Ogre of La Mancha

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Cookin’ Letter Head
Eight Digits Makefiles
I’ll Teach You Running Around In A Blizzard

Watson 2.0

Investigator's Report
Encoded R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
How to Succeed in Real Estate Without Really Buying Raw Bar
Now I Know My ABCs Screen Test
Piercing the Veil Written Down


Bringing Stars Together
I Can Hear You
I'm Wet! I'm Hysterical and I’m Wet!
Dancing with the Vars
Name that Show Tune


Let's Put On A Hit!
Bribe The Critics (link is to first critic review; solution for all critics is at solution link)
What Ben Bitdiddle Dropped