Revisiting History

I was joined
by someone from London who
was living
with both her grandfather and her mother.
The teachers came,
and the girl who got shipwrecked.
People who came along: my
granddaughter and her teachers.
When I finally
visited this man, I was travelling with a female medical student
who loved me, regrettably.
Accompanying me were
a young Scottish lad
who liked arguing and an astrophysicist.
There was a
family of three who came with me when I got
to see this man, including my future (past?) wife!
When I met
this man, a nurse came
along who
had gotten married
to the young lady (possibly
pregnant) also with us.
I got distracted
this time, but there
was that
mechanic and his
girlfriend who loved me (and whom I...never mind).
Two people with
me overheard the man who
is pictured
here conspiring; granddaughter was very ill!
The young botany
student who almost got
strangled (by... came
with me this time.
That shopgirl was
with me here. (What about her enticed
me so? Who knows.)
The poor girl who couldn’t
save her father
came on this trip.
The lady who came
with me when
I saw him
was a computer programmer.
That young woman
who spread her cold, and the stowaway, came along this time.
The woman who came with me was
dressed in a
ridiculous police uniform
when she decided to join me!
The lass who was (atypically) American met him.
This was with
the woman that now forgets she knew
me. What man’s
to blame for
that? Me, that’s who.
One of the
people who
came with me
disappeared in a library.
A good friend’s
stargazing grandfather was
the brave
chap who came with.