World 3 Warp Zone solution

by Bryan Ruddy

This is a virtual runaround in the world of Google Street View. Solvers need to identify the vantage point for each warp image, and follow the runaround directions from there.

The first segment is in Washington, DC (1st St. at East Capitol St.):

  1. Turn right and walk down the street until someone tells you to stop, counting the flagpoles you walk past. If this is an odd number, turn right, otherwise turn left. (3 flagpoles, 1st St. NE at Constitution Ave. NE)
  2. Walk to the next intersection, and follow the orange cones. When the cones end, note the number of security vehicles nearby. Proceed across the intersection, then bear right if there was more than one vehicle. (2 police cars, Constitution Ave. NE at 2nd St. NE)
  3. Follow this road through the next intersection, then stop at the house with a woman in a blue dress out front. She knows the location of the next warp.(305 Constitution Ave. NE)

The second segment is in Rome (Via degli Orfani at Via dei Pastini):

  1. Find an ice cream cone, then find some coffee and continue walking in that direction. When you reach a white cross, turn left. (Piazza Capranica at Via delle Colonnelle)
  2. Walk down the street until you see a white van in front of you, then follow it down the street until it turns. Take the same turn it took, though it will be out of sight after you do so. (Largo Giuseppe Toniolo at Via della Scrofa)
  3. Continue until you see a business with a name in the wrong language on a street corner, then turn away from it and walk until you see a taxi stand. Continue straight ahead. (Cafe Friends, Piazza delle Cinque Lune)
  4. When you see an ancient structure built over by a modern building, take the next right turn. If you don't see one and are forced to turn, turn left. (Piazza di Tor Sanguigna)
  5. Look for a building with the flags of many countries. (23 flags, 28 Via Giuseppe Zanardelli)

The third segment is in the suburbs of Sydney (Blues Point Rd. at Henry Lawson Ave., McMahons Point, NSW, Australia):

  1. Head inland, following the road that curves towards your right. Walk to the first traffic light (it might be a while!). Along the way, note the number that appears in a red circle on a sign. (50, Blues Point Rd. at Lavender St.)
  2. If the number you saw was a multiple of 20, turn right; otherwise, go straight. Walk until you see a large group of trash cans, and note how many are blue. Continue to the next traffic light, and turn right if there were an even number. Otherwise, continue straight. (One trash can, Miller St. at Blue St.)
  3. When you see a package abandoned next to a mailbox, you've found the next warp. (75 Miller St.)
The final segment is in the Sinyi District of Taipei (信義路四段 at 基隆路一段):

  1. Face a do-not-enter sign, and turn left. When you reach the most common convenience store in this land, turn left again. (Seven-Eleven, along 基隆路二段)
  2. At the first intersection you reach, go in the direction with the most parked motorbikes. When you see a sign decorated like the flag of a country you visited earlier, count the large characters written down the middle of it. If this is an odd number, take the next right turn, otherwise go straight. (Motorbikes, 7 characters on sign like Italian flag)
  3. Look for a set of green awnings, and follow them around the next corner. Continue past a few churches until you see a less-common convenience store; if its name corresponds to an American state, turn left; otherwise continue onwards. (Green awnings, OK-Mart)
  4. When you see a misspelled English sign, you've reached the next warp. (Walker Coffree)

At this point, solvers see a warp to Civilization, and the next round is unlocked.