Zelda Supermeta

supermeta by Noah Snyder, Andrew Thomas, and Bryan Ruddy
Zelda world structure by Noah Snyder

You're given a set of tetrahedra and octahedra that have letters on each face; some faces are gray and some are white. You also have the information that the three Triforces are part of the much more mystical Tetrahedronforce.

So what you have to do is assemble the Tetrahedronforce out of the pieces you're given, in such a way that faces that touch internally match in color, and three of the four faces of the Tetrahedronforce spell out the meta answers REGAL RING, CREATURES, and POLLINATE. When you do this, you'll find that each of the three meta answers begins at a different vertex of the Tetrahedronforce. If you look at the fourth face of the Tetrahedronforce and start at the fourth vertex and read the letters, you'll find they spell NERF SWORD, which is the answer to the supermeta.

The pictures below show what the assembled Tetrahedronforce looks like.

POLLINATE on the left, REGAL RING on the right:

CREATURES on the left, POLLINATE on the right: