Ganon's Lair

Thank you Mario, but our princess is in another lair...

However, there's a note here she left:

I continue to be amazed by your perseverance, even though it is one of the reasons I love you so! As I'm sure you found out, Dr. Wily was in fact working for Ganondorf all along, and so I've been stuck here in Ganon's lair since Wily fled in fear. At least I've had some company from a fellow Princess, who tells me she too has lost count of the number of times she's been kidnapped. I hope her Link is as dashing as you are!

Zelda tells me that the three Triforces of Fellowship, Holiness, and Inspiration that you know about are merely aspects of the even more mystical object known as the Tetrahedronforce which has also been shattered into pieces. The employees of Metaphysical Fungus are very resourceful; I'm sure if you ask them they'll bring you the pieces! You can also make your own equivalent replica from this (cut along the dark lines, fold along the lighter ones), though of course the real thing is more convenient and durable.

Oh, for the love of puzzles! Ganon's worried he can't hold you off either, so we're off to warp again.

You also notice a strange warp: