Solution to Pattern Recognition

by Joel Corbo, Alex Fink, Val Morash, Roger Morash, and Allen Rabinovich

This puzzle consists of a set of seven sets of 18 items, arranged like this:

A1 A2 | B1 B2 | C1 C2
A3 A4 | B3 B4 | C3 C4
A5 A6 | B5 B6 | C5 C6

In each set, each pair of panels constitutes a standard Bongard problem from which you can deduce a property that every element of one panel in the pair has but every element in the other panel does not have (i.e., every element of Panel A has property AB, but every element of Panel B does not; every element of Panel C has property CA, but every element of Panel A does not; and every element of Panel B has property BC, but every element of Panel C does not).

When you consider the elements of the panel not in each pair, some of its elements have the property and some do not (for example, some elements of Panel C have the property AB and some do not). The ones that do, when looked at as Braille, give a letter. Reading the three columns from top to bottom produces EUREKA SEVEN LIEUTENANT, which clues the answer: DOMINIC SOREL

The sets are as follows:

States yielding EEU

West Virginia   Georgia
Mississippi     Tennessee
South Carolina  Alabama

Nevada		Arizona
Arkansas	Iowa
Montana         Missouri

Rhode Island    California
Oregon		Washington
North Carolina  Florida
Property AB: East of the Mississippi River
Property CA: Voted Obama in 2008
Property BC: Landlocked

Celebrities yielding UVT

Elvis Presley	Janis Joplin
Lisa Lopes	Freddie Mercury
Frank Sinatra	Woodie Guthrie

Goldie Hawn	Stephen Tyler	
Jon Voight	Julio Iglesias
Tippi Hedren	Martin Sheen

George Takei	Corey Haim	
Patrick Swayze	Brittney Murphy
Chris Farley	Leonardo DiCaprio
Property AB: Are dead
Property CA: Are primarily known for acting
Property BC: Have children (who happen to be celebrities)

Words yielding REE

states          colonies
god		course
laws		government

gnaw		whole
true		phlegm
bold		grace

foreign		daughter
benign		neighbouring
uprightness	resigned
Property AB: Occurs in Declaration of Independence
Property CA: Has a silent G
Property BC: Is monosyllabic

US Presidents yielding ENN

Millard Fillmore	James Buchanan
James Polk		Martin van Buren
John Quincy Adams	William Henry Harrison

Harry S Truman		Richard Nixon
Chester Arthur		Theodore Roosevelt	
Lyndon Johnson		George H W Bush

George Washington	Andrew Jackson	
Bill Clinton		James Madison
James Monroe		Woodrow Wilson
Property AB: Was president before the Civil War
Property CA: Served more than 1 term as president
Property BC: Was a US vice president

Flags of the world yielding KLA

United Arab Emirates	Madagascar
Germany         	Colombia
Poland          	France

Japan			Pakistan
Djibouti		South Korea
Saint Lucia		Tanzania

Costa Rica	        Algeria
Antigua and Barbuda     Comoros
Cuba			Grenada
Property AB: Has only rectangles
Property CA: Has repeated colors
Property BC: Has an even number of colors

YouTube videos yielding AIN

Skateboarding Dog	Charlie Bit Me
Laughing Baby		Leave Britney Alone
Star Wars Kid		Best Man Ruins Wedding

Simon's Cat		Bagders, Badgers, Badgers
Noodles on my Back	The Red Button
Pinky & the Brain	Penguin Dad

Numa Numa		Chocolate Rain
Shfifty-Five		JECS Belarus 2009
Jean-Luc Picard Dance	Pipe Dream
Property AB: Is live-action
Property CA: Features music
Property BC: Features animals

Video game enemies yielding SET

Octorok (Zelda)				Duck (Duck Hunt)
Bronto Burt (Kirby)			Goomba (Mario)
Swooping Snitchbug (Pikmin)		Eggplant Wizard  (Kid Icarus)

Emerald Weapon (Final Fantasy VII)	Harpy Queen (Gods of War)
Frost Wyrm (Warcraft 3)			Egg Mobile (Sonic the Hedgehog)
Sentinel (Halo 3)			Bitey Bat (Castle Crashers)

The Butcher (Diablo 1)			Mondo Mole (EarthBound)
Mike Tyson (Punch Out)			Kraid (Metroid)
Killer Ape (Golden Sun)			Boss 1 (Altered Beast)
Property AB: Published by Nintendo
Property CA: Is a boss
Property BC: Can fly