Solution to English Expectations

Andrew Thomas and Oliver Kosut, with a bunch of help from Aaron Dinkin

אני أحترق আমার いいえ Ich Je Jeg Má Mi Ich Uomo
brauche একজন in malfacile odpověd' それは subis vil זז وأحمل
ärztliche 違います ডুবুরী gerne je לאחור manovras mare شحنا un
ano এখনো essai خطيرا tale
de জলে med
dig vitesse

These lines are broken-up sentences in 10 languages: first words all in the first line, second words in the second, and so on (note that since some of the languages are written right-to-left, "first" is not necessarily leftmost). Reconstruct the sentences and translate:

أحترق وأحمل شحنا خطيرا (Arabic): I am on fire and carrying dangerous cargo
আমার একজন ডুবুরী এখনো জলে । (Bengali): I have a diver still in the water
Má odpověd' je ano (Czech): My answer is yes
Jeg vil gerne tale med dig (Danish): I would like to speak with you
Mi malfacile manovras (Esperanto): I am maneuvering with difficulty
Je subis un essai de vitesse (French): I am undergoing a speed trial
Ich brauche ärztliche Hilfe (German): I need medical assistance
אני זז לאחור (Hebrew): I'm moving backwards
Uomo in mare (Italian): Man in sea
いいえ、それは違います。 (Japanese): No, it's wrong

Each of these is (roughly) a translation of a meaning of an international maritime signal flag, when hoisted alone. Alphabetize by language (as they are listed above) and translate to the letter that flag represents. This gives the answer JACK DAWSON.