Solution to Cut and Paste

by Joel Corbo and Allen Rabinovich

This puzzle consists of sixteen drawings of a variety of objects. All of these objects are the translations of the Italian names of a variety of pastas (the title is an oblique clue to pastas: pasta is Italian for 'paste'). Identify the pastas and index into them by the number of objects in each drawing:

P Penne (1 pen)
O crOxetti (3 coins with crosses on them)
L gemeLli (5 pairs of twins)
L conchigLie (8 seashells)
O Orecchiette (1 ear)
F farFalle (4 butterflies)
R Ruote (1 wagon wheel)
I fIori (2 six-petal flowers)
T Trottole (1 spinning top)
T radiaTore (6 radiators)
O bumbOla (5 bees)
I pIpette (2 pipes)
N aNelli(2 rings)
U lUmache (2 snails)
S creSte di galli (4 cockcombs)
A cAmpanelle (2 bells)

This produces the cluephrase POLLO FRITTO IN USA, which is FRIED CHICKEN.