Where's Antoinette?

Perhaps these journal entries will help you retrace her steps.

June 1st

This morning, I decided to watch the departure of the largest moving object in the world — what an amazing sight! After that I made a quick trip to the local orphanage to have a chat with Molly. On my way home I passed a grim-looking women's prison where a vaudeville actress was just being dropped off by the police. As I arrived home I passed some young ladies dressed for a party — they must be off to the local country club.

June 2nd

Today I stopped by the local feed store, but it was closed; I wonder if this has anything to do with that matchmaking widow who recently arrived in town. Then I passed an abandoned lot downtown where some performance artist was singing a bizarre song and playing a cowbell — I hope the police hanging around didn't cause a riot, but I didn't stay to find out. My walk took me past the courthouse, which was buzzing with press talking about an important trial having to do with high school science. I noticed a man who looked like he had one hell of a bad year walking alone — I think he is a musician, but what could he have been doing with that rooster? As I turned the corner, I nearly ran into a man arguing with his daughter about who she should marry — apparently her options are his choice of a husband or a nunnery!

June 5th

On my way to work today I passed by a nice old lady (hundreds of years old, according to her!) who cleans the souls of those searching for redemption — I wonder if she has anything to do with the man with the rooster from three days ago. On my lunch break I dropped by the drag club across the street, but my friend the owner was too busy worrying about some guests he was going to have over to dinner to even bother to say hello! As I was leaving, some strange men looking for a bush crossed my path — perhaps they have the wrong club? Then I passed by two more men, one in his underwear, holding an empty suitcase and complaining about a jackal — clearly it was time to return to work! One of my coworkers mentioned some unpleasant rumors from a Catholic school where a priest was transferred, but no one knows what the truth really is.

June 8th

This morning I overheard some ladies talking about taking a vacation in Italy. Then I passed a man who seemed a little crazy; he was trying to convince a barber to give let him use his bowl as a hat. I really hate parents who try to live vicariously through their children, like that woman with her two daughters on the other side of the street — I'm sure at least one of them will run off with a boy if she doesn't stop pressuring them so much! Still, they were doing better than that poor girl with cerebral palsy and her parents.

June 10th

As I was out walking today I heard about a murder (or two) at a downtown theater where the police have sequestered the cast and crew; I'll bet the press coverage will be more positive than their reviews! As I went to investigate, I walked by a high school full of boys using naughty language while practicing their Latin — I'm sure at least one of them will be expelled soon enough! Once I reached the theater district, I ran across an out-of-work Puerto Rican dancer heading to an audition — she looked like she had an interesting story to tell. On my way home, I encountered an agent complaining about her client's recurring case of homosexuality. My walk took me past the courthouse, which was buzzing with press talking about an important trial having to do with high school science — again!

June 12th

Love was in the air today, according to a long-nosed man I encountered in the morning who was on his way to meet his cousin. Indeed it must have been, because as I passed the train station I noticed a very ugly, sick-looking woman arguing with a soldier — she is clearly madly in love with him. I again had lunch with my baseball friend, who told me about a new recruit to the team who is having lady troubles of his own; at least his team now has a shot at the World Series. After lunch, I met a beautiful girl whose father was kicked out of the house by her sorta-boyfriend — what a lovely mirror she was carrying as she searched for him! I ended my day at a high school carnival celebrating the end of the school year, where I chatted with a young couple in love (and dressed all in black) and a girl relieved not to be pregnant.