Solution to Redundant Obsolescence

by Allen Rabinovich and Joel Corbo

This puzzle consists of 6 pieces of obsolete media, each with some data on it. The media and data are:

  1. A microcassette, with a recording of phonetones that spell "Indefinite article before vowel" (4633346483-2784253-233673-86935).
  2. A minidisc, with a recording of "Brokeback Mountain Director Lee" in morse.
  3. A 5.25" floppy, containing a text file with the phrase, "Non-governmental organization" in ASCII.
  4. A VHS tape of a person spelling out "John Norman's Counter Earth" in semaphore.
  5. An unprocessed role of black and white film, with photos of Maritime Signal Flags, spelling "Komodo Dragon Native Name".
  6. A Zip disk, containing a set of images of items in the NATO phonetic alphabet, spelling "Egyptian Sun God".

The answers to these clues (with suggestive spacing) are

so the answer is ANGORA.