Solution to Powder Monkey

by Bryan Ruddy, Andrew Thomas, Lee Keyser-Allen, and Cindy Keeler

A. F. Aaron$5.00MSG
D. I. Baker$3.00Meringue
D. S. Campbell$16.00Splenda
I. H. Evans$8.00Equal
N. E. Foster$1.00Cement
D. R. Gonzalez$14.00Pudding Mix
I. W. Ingram$4.00Milk Powder
C. H. Johnson$22.00Sweet 'n Low
E. I. Kelley$11.00Tapioca
S. T. Martin$9.00Ginger
O. E. Nguyen$2.00Yeast
F. P. Oliver$51.00Altoids
T. O. Quinn$11.00Epsom Salt
H. W. Roberts$9.00Lemonade
E. D. Smith$13.00Sugar
R. E. Underwood$4.00Vitamin C
M. R. Vasquez$5.00Plaster
O. S. Walsh$37.00Alum

Alphabetizing by last name as above, one finds that the first initials spell "ADD INDICES OF THERMO", and the middle initials spell "FISHER WHITE POWDERS". If you search for "Thermo Fisher" "white powders", you'll find an index from a database of the infrared spectra of common white powders. In the alphabetized order, the powders and their indices are as follows:

MSG		67
Meringue	96
Splenda		139
Equal		65
Cement		123
Pudding Mix	85
Milk Powder	60
Sweet 'n Low	143
Tapioca		144
Ginger		79
Yeast		63
Altoids		7
Epsom Salt	64
Lemonade	90
Sugar		142
Vitamin C	158
Plaster		114
Alum		8

Adding these indices to the dollar amounts on the baggies yields the indices of other white powders:

72	Dr. Scholl's Foot Powder
99	Enoz Cedar Pine Moth Balls
155	Extra Strength Tylenol
73	Arm and Hammer Johnson's Foot Soap
124	Rolaids
99	Enoz Cedar Pine Moth Balls
64	Epson Salt (MgSO4)
165	Whiting powder for paint
155	Extra Strength Tylenol
88	Jiffy buttermilk biscuit mix
65	Equal sweetener
58	Electrosol Dishwasher Detergent
75	Jiffy white frosting mix
99	Enoz Cedar Pine Moth Balls
155	Extra Strength Tylenol
162	Wash soda
119	Hungry Jack Mashed Potatoes
45	Yellow corn meal

Reading down the first letters of these powders gives DEE ARE EWE JEE JEE WHY, which if you read it aloud spells the answer, DRUGGY.