Stagecraft Man Metapuzzle

by Aaron Dinkin, Noah Snyder, Ricky Liu, and the metapuzzle committee

The puzzle answers are as follows:


Each of these is, improbably, the name of a character in a Shakespeare play. For each given number n, find the nth word that character speaks in the play. (For TAURUS, use all the words the character speaks in the play.)

BASSET (I Henry VI): #24 → WHAT
ELBOW (Measure for Measure): #14 → DO
SLY (Taming of the Shrew): #3 → YOU
BOTTOM (A Midsummer Night's Dream): #26 → READ
TAURUS (Antony and Cleopatra): all → MY LORD

This spells the question WHAT DO YOU READ, MY LORD? This question is a quote from Hamlet; the answer to the question is the fifteen-letter phrase WORDS, WORDS, WORDS.

Enter WORDS WORDS WORDS into the fifteen provided blanks. The boxed letters spell WORD SWORD, which is the answer to the metapuzzle.