(Russell Crowe's Bacon number,
The Scrabble value of EQUILIBRIUM)

(Forbidden other words per word in Taboo,
7's in a Mü deck)

(Pieces on a side in Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation,
Supply Centers in Diplomacy)

(Total cards changing hands during taxation in The Great Dalmuti (not counting merchants),
Level when characters choose their paragon path in Dungeons and Dragons 4e)

(Maximum phases in a turn of Race for the Galaxy,
Types of Basic Energy in the Pokémon TCG)

(Winning combinations of 3 in Tic-Tac-Toe,
Questions on a Trivial Pursuit Card)

(Splittable card in Sorry!,
Value of shooting the moon in Hearts (for everyone else))

(Properties in the red color group of Solar Quest,
Hits needed to win Battleship)

(Max players in Axis and Allies,
Classes in Team Fortress 2)

(Probability of having exactly 3 coins in your initial hand in Dominion,
Other side of 2 in Fearsome Floors)

(Probability of winning a street bet in American Roulette,
Value of being hunted by a more powerful NPC who appears frequently and wants to mildly punish PC in HERO 5)

(Probability of being dealt a 0 after 2 cards in Punto Banco (1 deck),
Combined magic, healing, trap prevention, and health for the year 1 paladin in Dungeon Lords)

(Probability of having 13+ high card points in bridge,
Hands played in game of Barbu)

(Probability of rolling an easy 6 in Craps,
Blocks in a Jenga set)

(Probability that three random cards form a set in Set,
Base rent on Park Place)

(Probability of being dealt a pair in Texas Hold'em,
Points associated with the Dragon in Tichu)

(Probability of getting a natural blackjack in an initial 52-card deck,
Maximum losing score, when double-skunked in Cribbage)

(Probability of hitting a trifecta among 8 indistinguishable horses,
Cloister tiles in Carcassonne (without the river))

(Alchemist ratmen in Small World,
Asian territories in Risk)

(Winning combinations of 4 in Connect 4,
First-round value of paintings by the top artist in Modern Art)

(Legal opening moves in Chess,
Possible codes in Mastermind)

(Pieces in Bughouse on both sides,
Possible outcomes in Clue)

(Maximum points a side can advance on a single roll of Backgammon,
Crop spaces on a Puerto Rico board)

(Spaces in Candyland,
Locations on a Go board)

(Cards in Canasta,
Traditional value of two Queens of Spades and two Jacks of Diamonds in Pinochle)

(Possible board positions after 2 moves of Othello,
Tiles in Rummikub)

(Number of pieces in a full game of Trouble,
The value of Blind nil in Spades)

Neighbor of A, G, and S in Scattergories

Blue in Magic

Piece that successfully attacks the Marshal in Stratego

Multiplicative identity in Twenty-Four

Viper of Street Fighter

Penalty for third failure in HORSE

Build a pylon in Starcraft 2

Strafe right in Counter-strike

Disc-mate of 12 in Settlers of Catan