Solution to Favourites

This puzzle is based on the novel High Fidelity, by Nick Hornby (hence "extreme loyalty"). The British spelling in the title hints that the puzzle is based on the novel (set in London), not the film (set in Chicago).

Each audio clip is either contained on one of the top 5 lists from the novel, or hints at an item on one of these lists, as listed below. Order the lists in the order they appear in the book (see below) and read the kth letter in the file name of the number k song to spell out BRING HQACD OFTHE BEST5 SONGS ABOUT GOING TOMIT.

If you bring us the CD, we give you a jewel case whose front and back look like this:

As this should make abundantly clear, the answer is CRESCENDOS.

Most memorable split-ups
     BRNCY     Allison ⇒ Alison Ashworth
     7RYS4     Penny Lane ⇒ Penny Hardwick
     4DIAX     JACKIE ⇒ Jackie Allen
     ZODNB     Charlie on the MTA ⇒ Charlie Nicholson
     P6QYG     Sarah ⇒ Sarah Kendrew

Top Five Films
     HJ1XJ     Godfather
     UQSSQ     Godfather II
     ZDAZV     Taxi Driver
     JVXC7     Goodfellas
     IQEXD     Reservoir Dogs

Top Five Floor-fillers at The Groucho
     OMNZW     It's a Good Feeling
     DFNSR     No Blow No Show
     RXTES     Mr Big Stuff
     QYIHU     The Love You Save
     WWCRE     The Ghetto

Top Five Elvis Costello Songs
     BRNCY     Allison
     SER3L     Little Triggers
     YNSRC     Man Out of Time
     BFTT4     King Horse
     UMRT5     Everyday I write the Book

Top Five Side One Track Ones
     SYE4C     Janie Jones
     LOEVW     Thunder Road
     JXNLP     Smells Like Teen Spirit
     TGGGO     Let's Get It On
     UQGXS     Return of the Grevious Angel

Top Five Bands or Musicians Who Will Have To Be Shot Come the Musical Revolution
     AXOTD     Don't You Forget About Me ⇒ Simple Minds
     IB2PG     How am I supposed to live without you ⇒ Michael Bolton
     EAOJX     Where the streets have no name ⇒ U2
     RHTUV     Everything I do ⇒ Bryan Adams
     SEQPT     Invisible Touch ⇒ Genesis

Top Five Dream Jobs
     GMQIC     NME ⇒ NME Journalist
     TODUC     I want to be a producer ⇒ Producer
     N3IUJ     A Musician am I ⇒ Musician
     2LLNX     Director ⇒ Director
     XLSXG     I dreamt I was an architect ⇒ Architect

Top Five Singles
     TGGGO     Let's get it on
     COM3Q     The house that Jack built
     A2MLJ     Back in the USA
     YBDIX     White man in Hammersmith Palais
     VYXET     Tired of being Alone