Solution to Basic Knowledge

by Joel Corbo, Chris Luhrs, and Jen Selby

This puzzle consists of an integer circuit diagram and thirteen diagrams from textbooks. The diagrams are in alphabetical order by book title (ignoring leading articles). Each textbook is required in exactly one MIT class. Here's the data:

21H.301 Ancient Greece: A Political, Social, and Cultural History
24.900	Contemporary Linguistics: An Introduction
7.72	Essential Developmental Biology
16.100	Fundamentals of Aerodynamics
12.005	Geodynamics
4.605	A History of Architecture
8.012	An Introduction to Mechanics
14.02	Macroeconomics
5.61	Quantum Chemistry
9.35	Sensation and Perception
6.003	Signals & Systems
3.012	The Structure of Materials
18.901	Topology

Note that the set of numbers in the integer circuit diagram is the same as the set of department numbers for these classes. Replace the numbers in integer circuit diagram with the appropriate numbers after the decimal points above, and execute the diagram. Convert the numbers you get in the end into letters to spell the answer: SEABISCUIT.