Solution to Walkthrough

by Amber Archambo, Chris Luhrs, Roger Hanna

                .__   __      __  .__                              .__     
__  _  _______  |  | |  | ___/  |_|  |_________  ____  __ __  ____ |  |__  
\ \/ \/ /\__  \ |  | |  |/ /\   __\  |  \_  __ \/  _ \|  |  \/ ___\|  |  \ 
 \     /  / __ \|  |_|    <  |  | |   Y  \  | \(  <_> )  |  / /_/  >   Y  \
  \/\_/  (____  /____/__|_ \ |__| |___|  /__|   \____/|____/\___  /|___|  /
              \/          \/           \/                  /_____/      \/ 
             .__          __  .__               
  __________ |  |  __ ___/  |_|__| ____   ____  
 /  ___/  _ \|  | |  |  \   __\  |/  _ \ /    \ 
 \___ (  <_> )  |_|  |  /|  | |  (  <_> )   |  \
/____  >____/|____/____/ |__| |__|\____/|___|  /
     \/                                      \/ 


Last Updated: 1/11/2011

|                             Full Walkthrough                               |
|                                                                            |
| This puzzle is a Wikipedia crawl.  Each paragraph ("level") is a           |
| single Wikipedia page.  Each "block" is a single div/paragraph of a        |
| Wikipedia page.  Everything else is context dependent.  The answer         |
| is the title of the Wikipedia page you end at.                             |
|                                                                            |

Begin your quest at Kresge Auditorium - Start at
Walk past its architect and the large store - go past Eero Saarinen and K-Mart
On the next block, you'll see an egg-like object - In the next paragraph, go to "thin-shell structure"
Just past it you will find a round portal - click on "sphere"
At this point you'll be near the Greek's territory - noop, sphere comes from a greek word.
A couple blocks past is a grey platform filled with warp zones. - Go to the Table of Contents
Take the warp that's continuously deforming itself - click on "Topology"
One block past its exit there will be some gunfire, but dodging all the bullets shouldn't be hard - skip paragraph and bullet points
You should see another nearby exit similar to the warp you just used - go forward to "topological"
Go through the well-covered exit immediately before it - click on "compact"
You need to find the ones pretending to be an officer - Bourbaki
Find these men past some large latex monuments - after the equations which are formatted with LaTeX typesetting.
Follow them into the next level - click on Bourbaki
First, head for the block with the largest group of impersonators - go to the first paragraph of "The Group"
As they disperse, follow a pair of them for a couple blocks where they'll start squabbling - Dieudonne and Schwartz.
Listen in, and you'll notice that you saw one of their two points of contention earlier in this level - go to the prior reference to "topological vector spaces"
you'll be close enough to hear a discussion that like sounds an organization of musicians (but they're actually discussing something much more fundamental) - Set Theory (Theorie des ensembles)
Go back to the first time you heard this topic discussed - go to the first reference to "set theory".
The door to the next level is the first one in that block - Click on "pseudonym", the first link on this page.
A few blocks down is a door back the way you came - there's a link back to Bourbaki
Obviously, you don't want to go there - don't click on it!
Instead climb onto the warp platform after it - go to the table of contents.
These teleporters are guarded by various people.
Beam down to the planet with a group of hackers - click on "Computer users", which is referred to as hackers at the beginning of this page
On the other side, look up quickly, because there will be a horde of armed men - go back a paragraph to "nom de guerre"
You only defeat the man of steel though since he guards the door to the next level - click on Stalin
Immediately, approach the medical cabal - go to Doctors' plot
They won't have what you need, but the nearby scientists will - the previous paragraph has scientists
It would be a good idea to activate your thermal shielding before proceeding to the next block - click on boiler
In this level you need to assemble a key from just two atoms - the exit out is 2 characters
the first atom of the gateway below the black machine - 'p' from Poland
and the second atom in the exit from the right side of the brick room - 'h' from cHimney
With both atoms joined, you have the key to the next level - pH
which you'll find amongst a group of four shooters - four lists of bullet points
(naturally, the shooter with the most ammo is guarding it) - the largest list contains pH
You'll find a colorful bar in this level - goto the floating typical pH values
Your energy is probably pretty low at this point, so drink some caffeine - Black Coffee
While drinking, an informant will sidle up on your left and give you an important piece of information - 5
Go back to this level's warp platform and use that information to select a teleporter - click on "5 pH in nature"
One block prior is the door you want - go back a paragraph.
It is guarded by a punk bragging about how much better he is at everything - EXCEL
You'd expect more fight from someone yelling so loudly, but he's a pushover - it's in CAPS
Defeat him and move on to the next level - click on EXCEL
The next level features a parabolic dish with red statues on its inside - graph made using Microsoft Excel
While you slide down it, grab the first statue on the left and the third statue on the right - 5 and 9
Find black replicas of these statues down the road - go to "Versions 5.0 to 9.0"
Not far past them, you'll notice the same value repeated three times - 2000
Decreasing it by five percent will send you back to an earlier point in this level - go to 1900
You'll be very close to your next gateway, which is right before a few flowers - click on "leap year", before Lotus
The key to this zone is contacting the dictator - go to "Julius Caesar"
Recall the location of his greatest victory over his most prominent rival, and head straight to that country - go to "Greece"
Your next door is the one right past it - click on "luck"
At this point you should see a small garden on your right, with a single prominent plant in the center - image of four-leaf clover
Pick it up and use it as a key on the nearby warp platform - click on "4 Luck in religion and mythology"
Once you do walk one block up - back up a paragraph to Numerology
There are a number of doors there, but the one you want has a star displayed prominently on it - click on "Astrology"
Study the local art for the city of Rome and the world - go to the image with "Urbi et Orbi" in it
Afterwards you know what year it is - you're at an image; the caption of the image dates it 1888
You're given a time machine, with which you should travel forward in time from the current year to the next chronologically available year -> 1955
Time traveling makes you hungry, but conveniently there's a candy bar immediately in front of you -> Mars
That candy is common in this level, go back and eat the first one -> find the first Mars on the page
After eating that candy you're happy, but you need to move on to the next temperament -> saturnine
Then fly to the next celestial body -> click on Saturn
When you arrive here you will need to gather more information -> noop
Send three of your cheapest Khalai units to scout -> go to section about 3 probes
The first two will be short lived in this level, but the third will be perennial -> verify 2 probes just pass by Saturn, 3rd probe orbits
Have your perennial scout wait 1829 days with the locals -> go to the date 1829 Saturnian days after Cassini arrived at Saturn (July 2006)
dive into the next portal -> click on Caspian Sea.
Find and equip the rock salt armor -> Find and go to "halite"
The end of this area will specify a speed for your warp drive -> "factor of 10"
Go forward that many blocks -> move forward 10 paragraphs
You should see a province in this block -> Mazandaran
Find a picturesque promontory within this province -> go to image with caption "An aerial view of the southern Caspian coast as viewed from atop the Alborz mountains in Mazandaran, Iran"
Now switch to a different location that has the same geological features -> Find mountains that are not the Alborz (Caucasus)
Proceed through the next door after this movement -> click on biomes
Wander past more than a score of blocks until you can jump into a wrestling match among scientists -> skip over 20 paragraphs until you reach the WWF
Dodge a few dozen shots from their guns -> skip over 24+ bulletpoints
They will begin by counting these shots out -> the first 14 bulletpoints are numbered as well
but you need to keep dodging them even after they stop counting -> but keep going after the counting stops
Keep dodging them until you can chat with your buddy on your personal computer -> Instant Message (IM) a.k.a. Indomalaya
"Go in the next gate" -> click on Indomalaya
A pedantic table fills most of this room, but you can ignore its existence -> 2/3rds of this webpage is a boring table that the solver can ignore
Find three families of birds -> Irenidae, Megalaimidae, and Rhabdornithidae
The one of interest to you is the third one -> Rhabdornithidae
Find any of the twelve exits from this room to that bird's homeland -> Click on any of the 12 links to Philippines
Assuming you're on an island with some Chinese pirates you probably don't need to go back -> the page refers to "the Chinese pirate warlord Limahong"
First steal the given name of the first person you meet -> Ferdinand (Magellan)
As soon as you've established a new identity as that given name -> go to Ferdinand Marcos
steal the given name of a previous president -> Ramon (Magsaysay)
Your latest identity has many fans -> Ramon Fernandez
you need to find an exemplar skirmish in your field of expertise -> image with caption "A professional basketball game being played between the Purefoods Tender Juicy Giants and Barako Bull Energy Boosters"
You are affiliated with one side of this skirmish - Fernandez played for the Purefoods
One quarter of your opposition show up in this dungeon in another form -> Barako, Bull, and Boosters do not show up anywhere else but "energy" does; go to Geothermal Energy
The local people control the penultimate of this other form, second only to another entity -> United States
A dangerous encounter between the local people and that entity is your boss battle -> Philippine-American War
First find a mayor -> Emilio Aguinaldo
He will be quoted saying something at the capital of the final dungeon -> Proclamation of Formal Surrender to the United States.
After he's spoken, follow the second person you see -> General Vi[n]cente Lukban
The next time you see this person, you will be led to the final event -> click on Balangiga Massacre
Call out its name: The answer is BALANGIGA MASSACRE.