Solution to Unlikely Situations

by Amber Archambo, Joel Corbo, Drew Edelberg, Geoff Iwata, and Allen Rabinovich
Photo subjects: Bruce Applegate, Amber Archambo, Joel Corbo, Drew Edelberg, Geoff Iwata, Chris Luhrs, Roger Morash, Allen Rabinovich, Yoyo Zhou
Special thanks to Randall Munroe

This puzzle consist of 20 images with mouseover text. The images are recreations of panels in XKCD comics, and the questions are all answerable in the context of the original strips. Here are the strips (by number) and the answers:

322 Joanna
556 Al Gore
728 Neural Implants
553 Unremovable Hungarian Subtitles
255 Aslan
645 Reverse Polish Sausage
131 Yell
583 1
396 4
764 Two
683 Helvetica
506 XBox
21 Kepler
303 Compiling
478 Debian
766 Tesla Roadster
828 Immune System
620 Titan
389 Left Foot
26 Elizabeth

Reading down the first letters of the answers produces the clue phrase JANUARY 14TH XKCD TITLE. The title of the January 14 XKCD is STINGRAY NEBULA, which is the answer.