Solution to Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore

by Julian West

All the images depict films, or characters, etc. in films, which have provided the names for pop bands. The title of the puzzle is a quotation from a film which features the names of two bands: Toto and Kansas.

Duranduran (character Durand-Durand in "Barbarella")
SAveferris (slogan in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off")
JuLesetjim (title of film)
AtrEyu (name of character in "The NeverEnding Story")
BlacKsabbath (English title of film)
MogwaI (name for the critters in "Gremlins")
ShaihuLud (name for sandworms in "Dune")
ThulsadOom (name of character in "Conan the Barbarian")
MybloodyValentine (title of film)
LondonaftErmidnight (title of film)
DirtyprettYthings (title of film)
BlackrebelmOtorcycleclub (name of motorcycle gang in "The Wild One")
DeathcabforcUtie (name of song performed in "Magical Mystery Tour")

Reading off the diagonal (because some references are "oblique") reveals DALEK I LOVE YOU, a synthpop band named after characters in "Doctor Who".