Welcome to World 5!

Mario watches the stars go by outside the windows of his starship, hoping that he'll be reunited with Peach soon. Suddenly, something is very wrong: the ship shakes, and the stars outside disappear. A distress call comes in on the ship's communicator, and Mario puts it through.

"Mario! You've got to help me! My father, the King of All Cosmos, got drunk and destroyed all the stars and planets!"

"But... I have to find Peach!"

"I know! But you'll never be able to reach her until we get the stars and planets back!"

Mario has to admit that this makes a certain amount of sense. "What do I have to do?"

"Take a Katamari! It's sticky and you can roll it around and gather up bigger and bigger objects until it gets big enough to recreate celestial bodies."

"There wouldn't happen to be any... puzzles involved here, would there?"

"Sure! The first seven items you pick up have a metapuzzle all their own, and then the first fourteen items have a metapuzzle all together, and then once you've got twenty items there's a metapuzzle for all of them! That last one will tell you where to find the final star fragment you need to rescue Peach."

"Metapuzzles nested within metapuzzles? That's kind of unusual, isn't it?"

"Not at all! It's perfectly normal!"

Can you help Mario roll up the Prince's Katamari, recover the final star fragment, and finally find where Peach is being held? Who knows who could be behind this villainy!

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