Gules, a bat displayed proper, within a bordure Or (1)

Or, a horse salient Sable, a chief tierced per fess Vert, Argent, Gules (3)

Argent, a cross Gules; impaled with Azure, a serpent erect Vert, langued and crowned Gules, fimbriated Or (6)

Gules, a kangaroo salient to sinister Argent (4)

Azure, three annulets interlaced Argent within a chevron arched of the second (2)

Gules, a double arch Or (1)

Argent, a lion couchant guardant Tenne (1)

Azure, in chief a triangle Argent, thereto conjoined in base two lozenges of the second (2)

Argent, a crocodile statant to sinister proper (1)

Or, a mascle Argent (2)

Azure, a winged foot Or (8)

Azure, a griffin's head erased Gules, fimbriated and langued Argent, crowned Or (2)

Sable, a bull courant affronty Or (10)

Vert, a stag in full course Or (5)

Argent, three lozenges conjoined in pall inverted Gules (5)

Sable, a siren crowned Argent, within a bordure Vert (4)

Quarterly, first and fourth Or, three stag's horns fesswise Sable; second and third barry of four Sable and Gules fimbriated Or; over all an inescutcheon Or charged with a horse salient Sable (7)

Argent, a rabbit's head couped and gorged with a cravat nowed Sable, eyed of the first (4)

Quarterly Azure and Argent, within a bordure Sable (2)

Per pale Argent and Vert, a gurges countercharged (6)

Quarterly, first and fourth Or, a fess Sable; second and third quarterly, first and fourth Gules, second and third Argent, a fess Azure (3)

Gules, an annulet Argent (5)