Endgame transcript and solution

puzzle written by Ricky Liu
performed by Ricky Liu and Chris Luhrs

Below is a sample transcript for the "text adventure" portion of endgame.

Note: If at any point teams ask Mario to do something unusual or that would cause him to die or get stuck, they are rebuffed appropriately. For example:

>take something that is fixed in place
There's no way that's coming off.
>do something that is obviously bad
Uh, I don't think that's a good idea.
>take off an article of clothing
Hey, this is a hand-crafted Italian plumber's suit! Do you know how much these things cost?
>say xyzzy
Uh, okay... xyzzy! Mamma mia, a portal opened up!
>any response
Just kidding, nothing happened.


Hello, are you there?
It's-a me, Mario! With the star fragments combined, I was able to use their magic to unlock the front gate. Past the gate, there's just one building. The Princess must be inside! Shall I describe it to you?
It's a rundown bulding with no windows. It looks like a laboratory of some sort. I'm standing by the front door. Next to the door there's a sign. There's also a path that goes around the building. If you want me to examine anything more closely, just ask. What do you think I should do?
>examine door
It looks sturdy.
>open door
It seems to be locked. I can't get it open.
>examine sign
It looks like it's broken on one side. It's also pretty dusty, and someone's drawn a picture of Bowser in the dust. Do you think this could be his new castle?
>wipe away dust
Okay, hold on.... There's something underneath. On the left there's a weird logo... and then next to it there's the word "Ape." The rest is missing. Ape? Maybe Donkey Kong's the one behind all this!
>examine logo
Do you know what the Google Picasa Logo looks like? It looks kind of like that, but it's gray and has eightfold symmetry.
>examine path
It's just a paved path. It goes around to the back of the building.
>follow path
Okay, hold on.... All right, I'm at the back of the building. I didn't pass anything interesting on the way around, and the path stops here. There's another door like the one out front. There's also a ladder that goes up to the roof.
>open door
It won't open either.
>climb ladder
Okay, hold on. Hey, while I'm climbing, do you guys have any idea what this building is?
>aperture science
Aperture Science? Never heard of it. But I hope Peach is okay!
All right, I'm on the roof. There's not much to see from up here. I don't see any doors either, but there are five skylights.
>look in skylights
Okay, I'm looking in the first one now. It looks like some sort of laboratory. There doesn't seem to be any... wait, is that Bowser? It is! It looks like he's holding some kind of weird gun. He doesn't seem to notice me. Should I look in the next skylight?
>examine gun
It's white with three black prongs near the end.
>bang on glass
Okay.... I don't think he can hear me.
>break glass
Hold on a sec.... I can't break it. It's too sturdy.
>look in another skylight
It's a lab like the first one. Oh, this one has a short old man running around. Maybe that's Doctor Wily! He's holding the same kind of gun as Bowser. Should I look in the next skylight?
>look in another skylight
I guess that must be Ganon. Boy, he's ugly. Should I look in the next skylight?
>look in another skylight
That must be Stalin. His mustache looks just like mine. Should I look in the last skylight?
>look in another skylight
Maybe Peach is in this one! Wait, it's another lab, but I don't see anyone inside.
>do anything
Hold on, let me just lean in a little... WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA... OOF!
Hello, are you there?
I didn't notice the glass was missing, and I fell in! Great, how am I supposed to get out now?


Introduction to the chambers

Well, Mario, you found me. Congratulations. Aren't you feeling clever… NOT.

Wait, did you guys here that?

Aperture Science Test Center welcomes you to our facility. You are subject number…ghhh…. 17!

Oh no! Am I going to have to go through some sort of test?

In order to complete the test chamber assignments, you will need the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device.

Portal Device? That must have been that weird gun I saw the others carrying! But I don't see one anywhere... I guess since I didn't come in the front entrance, I missed the room where I was supposed to pick one up. But now how am I supposed to--

It is extremely difficult to traverse the test chambers without the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device. Unless you are a magician. And we all know there is no such thing as magic.

Wait, I forgot I have the star with me! It's said that if stars spend a long enough time in a location, they can absorb magical abilities from the surrounding world. I wonder what abilities this star has absorbed! This star was broken up into five pieces, so I bet it has five different abilities. Let's try them out. You may want to write these down so that you can remember them later. Are you ready?


All right, let me see if I can remember which part was hidden in the Mushroom Kingdom. Ah, it's this one. Oh, it makes me invincible for a short period of time. Let's call that ability number 1.

Okay, this was the piece hidden in Mega Man. Oh, I can use it to shoot a pellet of energy. Let's call that ability number 2.

Next was the piece hidden in Hyrule. Oh, I can use it throw the star like a boomerang. It'll make a loop and then come back to me. Let's call that ability number 3.

Now the piece that was held by Stalin. Hey, it gives me a powerful iron fist. Let's call that ability number 4.

Finally, the piece that we found with our Katamari. Oh, I can put it between two flat surfaces to stick them together. Don't worry, I'll be able to unstick them whenever I want. Let's call that ability number 5. Do you want me to review any of them?


Okay. If you want me to use any of these abilities, just tell me which number you want me to use and what you want me to do. Remember that I can only use one ability at a time! Any questions?


Great! Let me describe the room for you.

Chamber 1

Right now I can't see very much of the room. I'm in a pit along the south wall that spans the width of the room. Just above the north edge of the pit on the west wall, there's some sort of mechanical or electronic receptacle. Also way up above on the west wall, there's something shooting an energy ball. The ball bounces off the walls but disintegrates after a period of time, and then another energy ball is shot.

Also in the pit with me is a small box. It's a cube about two feet across.

>examine shooter

I don't know how it works. It's high enough that I don't think I need to worry about it.

>examine ball of energy

It moves kind of slowly and bounces off the walls before eventually disintegrating.

>examine receptacle

I'm not sure what it does, but I have a feeling that if I can get some energy into it, something will happen.

>examine box

It's about two feet across. The center of each face has the same logo I saw outside on the sign.

>climb out of pit

The wall is a bit too high. Even if I jump, I'm a couple feet short of the top.

>take box

Oof, it's heavier than it looks.

>put box next to wall


>stand on box


>climb out of pit

All right, I'm out. Should I describe what I can see from up here?


So behind me is the pit I just came out of. In front of me is a long pool of dirty looking water. On the other side of the pool is a door that opens onto the water. On this side of the pool with me is a small button on a pedestal. To my left is the receptacle I described before. And still up above are the shooter and energy ball.

>push button

The door opened. On the other side there's a big red button on the floor, and beyond that another closed door with an exit sign above it.... Oh wait, the door closed again. I guess it'll only stay open for a few seconds.

>use ability 5 to stick down button

This ability doesn't work like that. I really need to be able to get the star between the two things I want to stick together.

>go swimming

I don't think I should do that. The water looks toxic.

To get through the door on the other end of the pool, Mario must first activate the energy receptacle by shooting it with ability 2. This raises a platform near the far end of the pool. He can then use ability 1 to swim to it, just barely making it. He can then use ability 3 to hit the button from the platform and hop through the door before it closes.
>use ability 1 and swim across

Okay, if I'm invincible I can swim around just fine, but the invincibility will run out before I can make it all the way to the other side.

>use ability 2 on receptacle

Okay, hold on. Ooh, something's happening. The receptacle closed up, and there's a platform that rose out of the far end of the water. Looks like there's a gap of a few feet between it and the door, but I should be able to jump it easily.

>push button, use ability 1 and swim across

Okay, hold on.... I just barely made it to the platform before my invincibility ran out, but the door closed way before I got here.

>use ability 3 to hit button

I hope my aim is okay.... Bingo! Hit it right on the nose! Quick, should I go through the door?


Okay, the door closed behind me. I'm in a little room now. There's a really big button on the floor, and there's a small button on a pedestal next to the door. There's also another door that leads to the exit.

>push big button


>stand on big button

Ooh, the exit opened!

>go through exit

Whoops, as soon as I got off the button, the exit door closed.

>push small button

Okay, the door I came through opened up again. Should I go through?


Okay, I'm back on the other side. The door closed behind me.

>swim back across

Just to clarify, you want me to use ability 1 first, right?


Okay, I just barely made it across before my invincibility ran out, but I'm back by the pit. Now what?

>reach down and grab box

It's too far down.

>go into pit


>throw box out of pit

The box is too heavy for me to throw. Besides, then I'd be stuck in here!

To get the box out of the pit, Mario must use ability 5 to stick the box to the wall of the pit as high as he can. This will allow him to climb on top of the box and still be able to reach it from outside the pit.
>use ability 5 to stick box to wall of pit

How high do you want me to stick it?

>as high as possible

Okay. It's stuck to the wall only a few feet from the top of the pit.

>climb onto box

Wow, it can hold my weight!

>climb out of pit


>take box

Nice work! Now the box and I are both out of the pit.

>swim across

Just to clarify, you want me to use ability 1 to swim across the pool, carrying the box with me?


Unfortunately, I can't swim very fast while carrying the box, so I don't think I'll be able to make it to the platform before the invincibility wears off.

To get the box across the pool, Mario must use ability 4 to punch it across. He must also make sure the door is open while doing this to make sure that the box doesn't fall into the gap between the platform and the door.
>use ability 4 to punch cube across the pool

That's a good idea! Oh wait, I think I can definitely punch it over there, but there's no way to stop it from sliding off the back of the platform, hitting the door, and falling into that gap, and I don't want to have to dive in after it.

>hit button and use ability 4 to punch cube across the pool

Okay, I think that'll work. Let me try it.... So here's what I could see while the door was open: the cube made it across the pool and slid through the open door. It briefly pressed down the big red button in the other room, causing the exit door to open for a moment, but then it kept sliding until it hit the now closed exit door.

>use ability 1 to swim across, use ability 3 to hit button, and go through the door

Okay, hold on a sec.... All right, I'm back in the other room with the cube.

>place cube on button

Done. The exit opened. Should I go through?


All right, there's a short hallway and an elevator at the end. Should I go into it?


Oh, there's some sort of staticky barrier in this hallway, but I can walk through it just fine.

This is the incandescent particle field known as the Aperture Science Material Emancipation Grille. It will vaporize any unauthorized equipment that passes through it, and sometimes teeth.

Hmm, so does that mean I can't take the cube through a barrier like this? I guess that's good to know. Okay, I'm getting into the elevator now.

Isn't riding elevators fun? Yay!

Okay, the elevator seems to be taking me somewhere else. Hold on.


Chamber 2

Okay, the elevator stopped, and I'm walking out to the south. There's a hallway here and a cube on the floor. Up ahead the hallway turns to the west, and on the east wall facing the incoming hallway, there's one of those receptacles from before. That's all I can see from here.

>use ability 2 to shoot receptacle

This is kind of a weird angle. I'd need to be standing in front of it.

>go down hallway

Okay... whoa! Something started shooting at me! I didn't get a good look.

>use ability 1 and go down hallway

Okay, hold on.... Just so you know, I ducked back around the corner when the invincibility ran out. Here's what I saw. Going around the corner leads onto a platform in the northeast corner of a room. The floor to the room is pretty far down. In the northwest corner of the room, there's a turret on a platform shooting bullets at me whenever I step out. The turret is shielded from the south by a small plexiglass shield. There's a platform along the length of the south wall leading into a hallway to the east. In the southwest corner of the room pointing to the east is an energy ball shooter. Both of the other two platforms in the room are too far to jump to.

>use ability 2 or 3 to shoot turret from around the corner

I can't peek my head out for long enough to aim if I'm not invincible.

To activate the receptacle, Mario must crouch down behind the cube, using it as a shield. This gives him the cover he needs to aim at the receptacle.
>use ability 1, put cube on the platform in the room, and hide behind it

Okay. I really have to crouch down in order not to get hit.

>use ability 2 or 3 to shoot turret

Again, I can't peek out to aim at the turret from behind the box if I'm not invincible.

>use ability 2 to shoot receptacle

Okay. So a platform raised up in the gap to the south of me. I should be able to jump to it and from there to the south wall.

>use ability 1 and jump to platform with cube

Unfortunately, I can't jump as far while carrying the cube, so I don't think I can make it across.

>use ability 4 to punch cube to south platform

I can't get into position to punch the cube without being invincible, and I can't use the iron fist while I'm invincible.

>use ability 4 to punch cube at turret

But then how will I get the cube back if I need it later?

>use ability 1 and jump to south

Okay, I'll jump onto the new platform. Oh, the turret can still hit me from here, so I'm going to continue to the platform along the south wall. I can see down the hallway to the east now. Do you want me to describe it for you?


So I'm on this platform along the south wall facing it. To my right is the energy ball shooter, shooting past me to the left. The hallway goes down a bit and then turns to the south. The outer corner of the hallway is truncated, so there's a small piece of wall at a forty-five degree angle to the other walls of the hallway. In that angled wall, there's a hole that the energy balls just barely pass through. I can't see what's down the hallway.

>go down hallway

At the end of the hallway, there's a big door straight ahead. On the left side of the end of the hall, there's a door with an exit sign above it. Opposite that door is an alcove with one of those staticky barriers across it. Inside the alcove, there's a big button the floor.

That's a 1500 megawatt Aperture Science Heavy Duty Supercolliding Superbutton!

>stand on button

The door at the end of the hall opened. Inside I can just barely see one of those receptacles.

>shoot receptacle with ability 2

I'm at a bad angle to hit it from here.

>step off button

The door closed, as expected.

To get the box up to the hallway, Mario simply needs to knock over the turret with ability 3 from the south platform. This allows him to punch the box over with ability 4.
>go back to the shooter


>shoot turret with ability 2

So I tried to hit it, but it got absorbed by the plexiglass shield.

>use ability 3 to hit turret

Okay, let me see if I can hit it from here. Bingo! The boomerang curved around the shield and knocked over the turret.

>jump back north to the box


>use ability 4 to punch the box to the south

All right. It went across the gap and slid to the south wall.

>jump back to the south and take the box


To activate the receptacle, Mario needs to use ability 5 to stick the cube over the hole in the angled wall. Then the balls of energy from the shooter will bounce off the cube down the hallway. Standing on the button will then guide them into the receptacle.
>stick box to hole in wall with ability 5

All right. Now the energy balls bounce off the box down the hall towards the door.

>stand on the big button

Okay, if I do that, then it leads the energy balls straight into the receptacle. It opened the exit door, which leads down a hallway to an elevator. There's also another of those staticky barriers in the hallway. Should I go to the elevator?



Exposure to the Supercolliding Superbutton might cause issues for you later in life.

Oh, the elevator's going somewhere else. I'll let you know where I end up in just a second.


Chamber 3

All right, the elevator opened again. There's a hallway leading into a large room. Oh, there's another box here, but it looks a lot... friendlier than the others. It has hearts on its sides instead of the logos that the others had.

The Aperture Science Weighted Companion Cube is designed to accompany you through the test chamber. It will never threaten to stab you and, in fact, cannot speak.

I guess I should take this with me. Should I head out into this room?


Okay. This hallway leads into the southwest corner of a large room. There's a big panel of glass almost dividing the room in half, running west-east. It starts at the west wall and goes almost all the way across. In the southeast corner, there's a big button on the floor surrounded by one of those staticky barriers. On the near side of the glass panel on the west wall is an energy ball shooter slightly above eye-level pointed to the right. On the opposite side of the glass on the west wall, there's a closed door. By the east wall opposite the door, there's an elevated platform. It looks like it's supposed to move north-south, but it's not moving now. There's also an exit door on the east wall and a hallway heading north out of the northwest corner of the room.

>examine platform

It's maybe five feet square. It's slightly above my head. It looks like it's supposed to move north-south, but it isn't moving now.

>stand on button

Okay, let me put down this cube first. The door on the west wall opened. There's a receptacle behind it.

>use ability 2 to shoot receptacle

I can't. The glass panel is in the way.

>use cube to deflect energy ball to west door

The glass panel is in the way. I don't think I can aim well enough to hit it if I have to bounce it more than once.

>take cube through hallway

Okay, hold on. All right, this hallway opens out into the southwest corner of a very large room, but there's not that much in it. In the southeast corner, there's a small booth with a clear door facing west. Inside there's a small button on a pedestal. In the northwest corner of the room, there's a clear chamber with doors on the south and east. Inside there's a big button on the floor and a receptacle on the ceiling. Halfway between me and the chamber, there's another big button on the floor, about halfway along the west wall.

>put cube on the button along the west wall

Okay, hold on while I go over there. All right, the door of the little booth opened.

>press the button in the booth

Okay, hold on while I get over there. So when I push the little button, the front door of the far chamber opens for a few seconds, and then closes.

>walk over to the cube

Okay, hold on. Now what?

>use ability 3 to hit small button

Unfortunately, I can't see the button from here. I think the only place I'd be able to hit the button with the boomerang is along the south wall.

>stand near the southwest corner, throw the boomerang at the small button, and run to the cube

Okay, hold on. So I hit the button just fine, but the door closed before I could even run over to the cube. In case it wasn't clear, this room is really big.

To get the cube into the chamber, Mario must stand near the southwest corner of the room and punch the box north. The cube will briefly slide over the button in the middle of the west wall, during which time Mario will need to boomerang the button in the booth. Since the cube is already moving, it will have just enough time to slide into the chamber before the door closes.
>take cube to southwest corner

Okay, now what?

>punch cube toward chamber with ability 4 and use ability 3 to hit the button in the booth when the door opens

Okay, hold on. Ooh, it worked! The door of the chamber stayed open just long enough for the cube to slide in. It depressed the big button inside, which opened the east door to the chamber.

>go in chamber and shoot receptacle with ability 2

So the front door of the chamber opened. I guess that means I can take the cube off the button now.

>take cube back to first room

So I'm back in the first room. Now the elevated platform is moving north-south. It moves from opposite the door on the west wall past the glass panel to opposite the energy ball shooter. When the platform is opposite the shooter, the energy ball passes directly below it.

To activate the receptacle, Mario needs to stick the box to the bottom of the platform at a forty-five degree angle. This will deflect the energy ball to bounce off the north wall. On its way back, it will bounce off the box again towards the west door. Standing on the button then activates the receptacle.
>use ability 5 to stick cube to the bottom of the platform to deflect the energy ball

In which direction?

>to the north

Okay, so the energy ball bounced off the cube to the north. Wait, now it's bouncing off the north wall and back towards the platform. But the platform has moved to opposite the west door, so it bounced off to the west towards the door.

>quick, step on the button!

Okay. It worked! The receptacle opened the exit door. Should I go through it?


All right, there's a hallway here leading down to a small room. In here there's a small button on a pedestal next to a closed chute in the wall. Above the chute there's a sign that says, "To Trash Compactor." There's also a closed door.

You did it! The Weighted Companion Cube certainly brought you good luck. However, it cannot accompany you for the rest of the test and must, unfortunately, be deposited in the Aperture Science Emergency Trash Compactor.

What? Why do I have to do that?

>press button

The chute opened. It looks like it goes down pretty far.

>get cube

Okay, hold on. All right, I'm back.

>put cube in chute

Wait, what?

>put cube in chute

But... I don't want to.

>just do it!

Oh, fine. It's falling away... into the gaping void...

Congratulations! You euthanized your faithful companion cube more quickly than any test subject on record. Although the euthanizing process is remarkably painful, 8 out of 10 Aperture Science engineers believe that the companion cube is most likely incapable of feeling much pain.

Okay, the door opened. There's a hallway and an elevator. Should I go in it?


All right... Wait, it's not going anywhere.

Due to mandatory scheduled maintenance, this chamber is currently not functioning correctly. I refuse to apologize. It's all your fault, anyway.

Great, how am I supposed to get out now?

To get out of the chambers, Mario will need to jump down the trash compactor chute. Since this sounds really dangerous, teams will need to tell him to use his invincibility before he's willing to do it.
>jump in chute

Wait, what?

>jump in chute

That seems really dangerous.

>use ability 1

Okay, I guess if you think it'll get me out of here. Here we go! AAAAHH...

Hello, are you there?

So I think I was too heavy for the chute. It broke in the middle, and I flew out! There's a door here; let me see if I can figure out where I am, okay?
Hmm, there's a hallway out here. This looks like the administrative part of the building, so I guess I'm out of the test chambers. Oh, I think I found a door that goes outside! I bet it's that back door that I couldn't get in earlier, but it should open from the inside. I'm going to explore a bit more and get back to you, okay? I'll call you back in a bit to let you know where you can meet me.