Solution to The Sport of Princesses

by Ricky Liu

Each image on the left is the symbol from the hip of a My Little Pony doll. Each of these dolls also shares its name with a Thoroughbred racehorse listed at Pedigree Online's Thoroughbred Database. Tracing the pedigree of each horse back five generations reveals that each has a great-great-great-grandparent who might be depicted by one of the pictures on the right, as in the table below (dams are pink, sires are blue):

Sweet Stuff Treacle Tart Nearctic Nearco Nogara Catnip
Baby Glory Bicentennial Lass Candy Spots Candy Dish Khaled Eclair
Shoreline Unbridled Fappiano Killaloe Grand Splendor Correlation
Sand Digger Level Sands Storm Cat Terlingua Crimson Saint Crimson Satan
Flower Bouquet Prince Blessed Dog Blessed Blessed Again Clonaslee Bullet Proof
Princess Sparkle Royal Applause Flying Melody Whispering Star Sound Track Whistler
Stardazzle Eddington Fashion Star Chief's Crown Six Crowns Chris Evert
Sugar Apple Crepello Donatello Delleana Clarissimus Radium
Lovebeam Hornbeam Thicket Thornwood Point Duty Pinprick
Half Note Pink Terrace Tractor Gravitation Gravity Enigma
Satin 'n' Lace Bronx Bomber Diamond Park Stepney Green Cheapside Money Moon
Tassels Black Shoes Osmunda Star Kingdom Impromptu Thoughtless

For each line, assign 1 to a dam and 0 to a sire to get a five-digit binary string. Converting these strings to letters spells out the answer, SUFFOLK DOWNS.