Soooo Cute!

by David Speyer, Aaron Dinkin, and Ariel Diertani
featuring Parsley, Seleucus, Desmond, Barry, Vim, Winslow, Khamsin, Humphrey, Henri, and others

This puzzle is based on baby animals born in zoos (or, in the case of the manatee, rescued by zoos very shortly after birth). The photos depict stuffed animals of the same species, the maps are (slightly photoshopped) maps of the zoos in question, and the dates are the months in which the birth occured.

Notice that the Zoos are alphabetized by zoo name, and the dates are sorted chronologically, but the photos are in no clear order. This suggests, correctly, that you should sort the second and third column to match the first. Then index into the name of the baby animal by the numbber after the date. The result is:

TupeloTapirFranklin ParkDecember 2009 (5)L
KalispellOkapiDenver ZooJune 2009 (2)A
SamaraCamelMinnesota ZooMarch 2009 (5)R
SmeagolAye-AyePhiladelphia ZooJuly 2010 (5)G
KeeManateeLowry ParkApril 2009 (3)E
Luk ChaiElephantTarongaJuly 2009 (4)C
Little WilbaerPolar BearWilhelmaMarch 2008 (13)R
Bella BelugaShedd AquariumJuly 2006 (5)A
KiburiCheetahSan Diego ZooNovember 2010 (3)B
GeorgeChimpanzeeKnoxville ZooJuly 2008 (5)G
HooverAardvarkBronx ZooSeptember 2010 (6)R
AkituusaqWalrusNew York AquariumJune 2007 (1)A
Doris GiraffeRotterdam ZooApril 2010 (5)S
HasaniGorillaSan Francisco ZooDecember 2008 (3)S
The solution is LARGE CRABGRASS.