Literary Collection

The Armenian Tetrachordal Scale in Sacred and Secular Music
Asia's Lobachevsky?: Chinese Approaches to Euclid's Fifth Postulate
The Decline of the Four-Caste System in a Chittagong Minority Community
A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Native Handicrafts of Three Peruvian Tribes
Eight Essays on the Eshira: A Revised Ethnography
Encyclopædia Britannica, volume IV
The Five Strata of Trinidadian English
Four Centuries of Architectural Grandeur: The Grandmaster's Palace
From Beyla to Yomou: Mapping the 34 Prefectures
The Game of Knowledge: Four Forgotten Haitian Epistemologists
Handbook for Curators at the Timbuktu Museum of Antiquities, 8th edition
The Holy Trinity in Khmer Catholicism
Hunting in the Astore District: A First-Timer's Guide
II Kings; the Togolese Lutheran Church translation
Lex Brasiliensis, volume VII
Nine Famous Folktales of the Black Forest
The Nine-Year Crisis: Essays in Ethics Inspired by the Darfur War
On Patrol: My Six Years in the Costa Rican Army
The Peloponnesian War: 27 Years that Shaped the World
Plains and Mountains of the Seven Emirates
Points of the Trident: Designing a New Ukrainian Coat of Arms
Poland in the 15th Century
Realizing the Dream: A Four-Year Plan for a Trans-Bahamas Bridge
Romani in Slovakia: A Comparative Grammar of Five Dialects
Second-Century B.C.E. Inscriptions from Ras Abaruk
A Speech Community of Two: Yoruba in Odense
Teach Yourself Oviritje in Eleven Easy Lessons
Ten Challenges in Forest Management in Atakora