Welcome to World 4!

Feeling as if he has traveled a much greater distance than in any of his previous warp trips, Mario steps into World 4 and finds himself in a world unlike any he's visited before. Instead of powerups and boss battles, he finds himself surrounded by numerous Civilizations struggling among themselves for technological and military supremacy. So disoriented is he that it's no surprise that, when he sees a short little creature that reminds him of a Goomba, he stomps on it.

When Napoleon's advisors discover that their beloved leader has been stomped on, their only choice is to turn to Mario to help their civilization develop and ensure victory over their hated rival: Stalin.

"But I have to find Peach!" Mario protests.

"It turns out Ganon was working for Stalin all along!" the advisors tell him. "He has Peach now!" Mario supposes he should have guessed that.

The advisors explain that Mario will have to help their Civilization progress up the tree of dependencies for a variety of technologies; apparently the implementation of newly-developed technologies is not unlike solving puzzles. Once enough technologies are implemented, Mario will be able to use them appropriately to build the Wonders of the World, which will be unlocked when he has accrued enough points.

Can you help Mario achieve victory by implementing the technologies, constructing the Wonders, and beating Stalin in the race to develop the coveted Seventh Wonder of the World? Who knows what villainy he has in mind!

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