Solution to Hints, with a bit of love!

by Aaron Dinkin and Noah Snyder

Use the words in the list at the bottom of the page to fill in the blanks in such a way as to construct &lit-style cryptic clues for the capitalized words. (The title is an &lit clue for CLUES.) There's one fewer word in the box than there are clues to be constructed, though. The constructed clues are as follows:

Ordered tones!NOTESTONES anagram
"It's moderately yucky"?!MILDEWMILD "EW"
Daring new traveling!
Fuzzy-headed mammal!FOXF(uzzy)+OX
What our burden is?!ONUSON US
Extremity of mammal, for example!LEG(mamma)L+E.G.
Reddish organisms (on the outside)!FLAMINGOS FLAMING + O(rganism)S
Cast, or characters in play!ACTORSCAST OR anagram
O false stuffed bird!TOFURKEYO F within TURKEY
Cute creature: Flipper, as it's called!DOLPHINDOLL FIN homophone
What most of Dogma is about!GODDOGma reversed
Reversing impulse to spread secret!DISCREETID reversed + SECRET anagram
First person to be USA's #2!ADAMSADAM+(u)S(a)
Tries again to cover top and bottom of scene!REHEARSES REHEARS containing S(cen)E
Russia, reorganized after abolishing last traces of Nikolai and Alexandra!USSRRUSSIA anagram minus (nikola)I, (alexandr)A

The clue without a given answer is "Daring new traveling!" This is an &lit clue for WANDERING, which is the answer to the puzzle.