Solution to Drafting Table

by Bruce Applegate

Each image is a fragment from the logo of an NBA team. The teams are as follows:

New Orleans Hornets Los Angeles Clippers San Antonio Spurs Minnesota Timberwolves Oklahoma City Thunder
Minnesota Timberwolves Oklahoma City Thunder Boston Celtics Sacramento Kings Toronto Raptors
New Jersey Nets Indiana Pacers Utah Jazz Memphis Grizzlies Atlanta Hawks
Minnesota Timberwolves Memphis Grizzlies Detroit Pistons Houston Rockets Milwaukee Bucks
Chicago Bulls Philadelphia 76ers Golden State Warriors Washington Wizards Portland Trail Blazers

The set of teams that appear here is the set of teams that made the first 25 picks in the 2010 NBA draft, and the teams that appear multiple times are those that made multiple picks in that first round. The title of the puzzle confirms that the "draft" is relevant. (In fact, the order of the logo fragments in the grid is alphabetical by the name of the drafted player.)

Mousing over each image gives a line of turtle-drawing code from the programming language Logo, as listed below. (The teams that appear more than once have the same Logo command in each of their appearances.) Sort the teams into the order of their draft picks, as below:

Washington Wizardssety -55 fd 15 rt 90
Philadelphia 76ersfd 20 rt 90
New Jersey Netslt 90
Minnesota Timberwolveslt 180
Sacramento Kingsfd 40 rt 90
Golden State Warriorsrt 135
Detroit Pistonslt 45
Los Angeles Clippersfd 20 lt 90
Utah Jazzfd 40
Indiana Pacerslt 135
New Orleans Hornetsrt 45
Memphis Grizzliesrepeat 45 [fd 1 rt 1]
Toronto Raptorsrepeat 180 [fd 1 rt 1]
Houston Rocketsrepeat 90 [fd 1 rt 1]
Milwaukee Bucksrepeat 225 [fd 1 rt 1]
Minnesota Timberwolveslt 180
Chicago Bullspenup
Oklahoma City Thunderrepeat 270 [fd 1 rt 1]
Boston Celticsrepeat 270 [fd 1 lt 1]
San Antonio Spursrt 180
Oklahoma City Thunderrepeat 270 [fd 1 rt 1]
Portland Trail Blazerspendown
Minnesota Timberwolveslt 180
Atlanta Hawksrepeat 135 [fd 1 rt 1]
Memphis Grizzliesrepeat 45 [fd 1 rt 1]

Running the lines of Logo code in this order produces the following drawing:

This is the symbol for the planet Mercury, and MERCURY is the answer to the puzzle.