Solution to Cheaters Never Prosper

by Jen Selby

The video contains eight clips of sporting events in which some kind of violation or infraction is committed. The violations are as follows:

The "credits" at the end of the video are the names of individuals who have each won a medal at one Olympic Games in one of these sports. Index into the names of the violations from the videos by the corresponding athlete's place (i.e., first for gold medal, second for silver, third for bronze), in reverse chronological order by medal:

Roc Oliva2008Field hockeysilveroBstruction
Olena Krasovska2004Athletics (viz., 100m hurdles)silverfAlse start
Yan Sen2000Table tennisgoldDouble bounce
Darcie Dohnal1992Speed skatingsilveriMpeding
Paul Knox1956Ice hockeybronzeicIng
Oscar Cristi1952Equestrian jumpingsilverkNockdown
Jack Ragland1936BasketballgoldTraveling
Frederick Steep1904FootballgoldOffsides
Montagu Toller1900CricketgoldNo ball

The indexed letters thus spell BADMINTON, the answer to the puzzle.

(We don't mean to imply these athletes committed these infractions; just that they played the same sports in which the infractions exist.)