Amateur Hour

by Amber Archambo, Joel Corbo, Drew Edelberg, Roger Morash, and Jen Selby
voiceover by Amber Archambo, Drew Edelberg, and Geoff Iwata

This puzzle consists of clips from 10 YouTube videos, with the audio replaced by bizarre commentary. There is also a "3" stuck between the eighth and ninth clips. Each YouTube clip is from a video which features a song that has an official music video. In order, the songs and artists are:

...Baby One More Time/Britney Spears
The Bad Touch/Bloodhound Gang
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger/Daft Punk
TiK ToK/Kesha
Get the Party Started/Pink
Bad Romance/Lady Gaga
My Humps/Black Eyed Peas
Forever/Chris Brown
White and Nerdy/"Weird Al" Yankovic
Everybody/Backstreet Boys

For each clip, the commentary contains a question. Roughly, these are:

I've seen this school somewhere else; what was it called?
What animal is on the side of the barrel?
What are they using to bait those chefs?
What instrument is the guy with the afro playing?
What was the license plate on that car?
What is that hanging from the suspended platform?
What brand of drink is that?
What's hanging from the singing girl's pants?
Who makes that car?
What's the fourth question?
What are those things crawling on her?
What did the second boy dream he was?

Each of these questions has a well-defined answer if you watch the official music videos for the songs. The answers are:

American flag
On what page does Harry Potter die in the next book?

Reading down the first letters of the answers gives ROCK BAND 3 MOTD. If you boot up Rock Band 3 on the days of hunt, the message of the day is "Sadly, tuning into radio for rock is exceedingly difficult"—which, when you take first letters, gives the answer STIRFRIED. Incidentally, this message of the day was posted before the start of Hunt. The first documented solve of the cluephrase happened at 7:59 PM on Thursday on the Rockband game forums, along with a lot of other speculation as to its meaning.

For posterity, here are the URLs for the videos that we used:

and here are the official music videos: