Solution to A Modern Palimpsest

puzzle concept: Sai and Alex Fink
executive producer: Cat Miller
video editing: Oliver Kosut
acting: Oliver Kosut, Cat Miller, and Alex Vandiver
camera work: Oliver Kosut, Cat Miller, and Alex Vandiver
object movers: Reid Barton, Lee Keyser-Allen, Cat Miller, Cally Perry, Katherine Reid, and Alex Vandiver
fez concept art: Katherine Reid
original Marge Gunderson interpretation: Cally Perry

Each clip is a scene recreated from a movie with objects surreptitiously replaced with other objects when off-screen. The way in which the object names change forms a partial simple substitution cipher. This helps identify what the objects are meant to be called, since each object must have the same number of letters and the same letter pattern as the object with which it is replaced. For each clip, apply the substitution cipher to the title of the movie from which the scene is taken. Doing this for each clip in given order produces LOOT IN JONZE KAUFMAN FILM, which clues the answer ORCHID.

The following behind-the-scenes video shows how the substitutions were done. It includes the movie titles and the intended names of the objects: