Film Screening


This puzzle included an interactive component, the details of which appear below.

From 2005's Normalville Hunt. The Normalville Film Bureau still hasn't finished that documentary about their city, so we're presenting a film festival instead. Send up to 4 people who don't mind potential film spoilers to 54-100 at 7 PM Saturday. Note-taking materials may be useful.

This event was a screening of team submissions to TUO YRREJ PEEK. The submitted videos for selected teams are shown below:

The Internet (Youtube link)
Immoral, Illegal and Fattening (Youtube link)
Team Duck Soup (Youtube link)
Frumious Bandersnatch (Youtube link)
Team Conner (Youtube link)
Metaphysical Plant (Youtube link)
R2-DISCO (Youtube link)
Project Electric Mayhem (Youtube link)
Wafflehaüs (Youtube link)
Team Unseen (Youtube link)
Death From Above (Youtube link)
Left as an Exercise for the Reader (Youtube link)
Team Epic Fail (Youtube link)
Codex Seraphinianus (Youtube link)
Central Services (Youtube link)
Ingeniously devised Moniker (Youtube link)
Om Nom Nom Nom (Youtube link)
A Random Guess (Youtube link)
Manic Sages (Youtube link)
Just for the Halibut (Youtube link)
Palindrome (Youtube link)
Donna Party of 5 (Youtube links [1], [2])
Up Late (Youtube link)
Silly Hat Brigade (Youtube link)
Setec (Youtube link)

Though not used in the actual event, some additional submissions are shown below:

Grand Unified Theory of Love (Youtube link)
Super Team Awesome (Youtube link)
Eigenpirates (Youtube link)
Raucous Raucous Rhinos (Youtube link)
Left Out (Youtube link)
Low-Level Inhibition (Youtube link)
Team Pink Ribbon (Youtube link)
BUA Dialectica (Youtube link)
Hella Clue (Youtube link)
Team Unwanted (Youtube link)