Acts of the Apostles

by Julia Sabin and Mike Sylvia



Prior to each performance, the first judge asked for the name of the performer (or the name of their team captain if there were multiple performers), the second judge asked what team the act represents, and the third judge asked what they'll be doing. All three judges loudly repeated back what they were told, and occasionally asked the performer to spell their responses. After the performances, the judges gave positive or negative scores.

Using these scores to shift the initial letters of the judges' respective piece of information all resulted in the same letter for any given performance. These letters spelt out NO TEA PARTY (repeated several times).

Upon completing this event, the following link to supplementary information is revealed on the index page:

The team that had drawn the last performing slot decided to mess with us by giving their performer's name as "3", their team's name as "Σ" and their act's name as "#". We responded by holding up blank score signs though in retrospect a better response would have been for each of us to hold up the 8 sign sideways.