This puzzle included an interactive component, the details of which appear below.

Psst. Mike Everett here. A serious problem's just popped up with the event I'm going to be running Saturday evening, and I need your help with it. I've taken down the puzzle that would have gone on this page - get me what I need, and I'll give you the answer.

See, there was going to be this nice film festival, right? I was going to run it old-school, from my collection of VHS tapes. And this jackass friend of mine had to go and develop magnetic powers and accidentally erase all of them. Now I've got a ton of movies I've promised I was going to show, and no working copies of them.

What I need you to do is "swede" a movie for me - that is, quickly make a zero-budget, wildly abridged version of it. Click "CHECK ANSWER" up there and submit the dummy answer GONDRY. One of my assistants will call to tell you which film I need sweded.

Your version needs to be clearly recognizable as the intended film and only the intended film, but it must be between three and four minutes long, and must not mention the name of the film, or even any single words from the title except for things like "and" and "the". (Don't want the copyright people showing up. Again.) Pack in as many classic lines and visual recreations of memorable scenes as you can within those restrictions.

When you've made it, upload it to YouTube and email the link to me at 2010huntboard@gmail.com. It's got to be in my inbox by 5 PM Saturday. If you send me the link and a half hour passes without a response, call HQ.

Remember, you don't get this answer until I get that link. And you're going to want this answer sooner than later.