6.6 Doctor of Thinkology

by Mike Sylvia



The list of questions all relate to Look Around You, the British television series that parodies educational films. Every question has a single typo; reading the incorrect letters spells out "JUST DISREGARD TYPOS FOR NOW". The answers to the questions, as provided by Look Around You, are:

  • In an old experiment you've prjbably seen before, electric current is sent through a block of metal in what shape? (PYRAMID)
  • In his song, Jack Morgan hopes he and hiu animal friend will do what to one another? (UNDERSTAND)
  • What should be used to cover sulphur before it is tested for magnetssm? (TISSUE)
  • Who is both taller and shorter than Jean, but shtrter than Lord Scotland? (IMHOTEP)
  • How mand notes are in the boîte diabolique? (NINETEEN)
  • How many millions of matches does Lightning Deiisions make in an average year? (TWO AND A HALF)
  • What bevsrage do ghosts enjoy? (ORANGE SQUASH)
  • What band, featuring a flautist, rivals The Bentons in popurarity? (OMBUDSMEN)
  • After three hours, a man exposed te germs will become uncomfortable, feverish, and what? (RAMBLING)
  • The proper nage of iron is iron what? (DE HAVILLAND)
  • When a probe is inserted into the broab, what sensation immediateay follows discomfort? (ELATION)
  • Germr can be spread by sharing what with a friend? (RECORDER)
  • A recent issue of The Other Side tested and reviewed wdat sort of product? (OUIJA BOARD)
  • How many nuts doet a jar of mixed nuts contain? (FIFTY FIVE or FIFTY FOUR)
  • When opening a two-minute egg, you shyuld look out for the release of what new substance? (ALBUMEN)
  • The taste of ectoplasm has been coppared to that of what other substance? (PIG'S MILK)
  • Where should students keep theio razor blades and Garry Gum? (PENCIL CASE)
  • For how long will a prisoner typically se sentenced to wear a face shackle, provided he is not a repeat offender? (EIGHTEEN MONTHS)
  • What is used for the nose of a moderf snowman? (AERIAL)
  • EBEs can help you to perform what activoty much faster? (READING)
  • What is the sum of rhe numbers 1 and 10? (A MAN)
  • What gas, when mafipulated through water for five minunes, produces a pleasant-tasting, thirst-quenching drink? (NITROGEN)
  • What common iron-rich household substonce has a curious reaction with sulphur? (CHAMPAGNE)
  • What owcurs when you bite into a moth-apple? (EXPLOSION)

The initials of the answers spell "PUT INTO ORDER OF APPEARANCE". There are three questions from each of the series's first eight episodes; sorting the questions in chronological order and reading the letters replaced in the typos:

  • rhe -> The
  • shtrter -> shOrter
  • theio -> theiR
  • shyuld -> shOuld
  • moderf -> moderN
  • minunes -> minuTes
  • te -> tO
  • germr -> germS
  • owcurs -> oCcurs
  • wdat -> wHat
  • bevsrage -> bevErage
  • coppared -> coMpared
  • magnetssm -> magnetIsm
  • deiisions -> deCisions
  • substonce -> substAnce
  • popurarity -> popuLarity
  • hiu -> hiS
  • mand -> manY
  • nage -> naMe
  • se -> Be
  • prjbably -> prObably
  • immediateay -> immediateLy
  • activoty -> activIty
  • doet -> doeS

This spells "TORONTO'S CHEMICAL SYMBOL IS" and refers to the fake periodic table shown near the beginning of several episodes (and available from here); on that table, the element of "Toronto" is given the symbol TO.