Ebony and Ivory

by Corey Plover



This puzzle comprised 189 double-sided antonym pairs, each numbered between 1 and 34. By arranging and flipping these antonym pairs, 34 sets of lyrics can be formed. These lyrics are from pairs of songs with opposite sounding titles, performed by bands (numbered 1 to 17) and artists that have left these bands for solo careers (numbered 18 to 34).

The enumerations given on the additional handout do not correspond to the song titles of the numbered set, but to their group / solo counterpart. In the case of each pairing, the highlighted letters correspond. The set of lyrics and song pairings, ordered by sets 1-17, are:

LyricsSong titleLetter
1. "Everything good, Everything gold"Fleetwood Mac - Come a Little Bit CloserB
28. "I did not hear from you"Stevie Nicks - Stand Back
2. "If we met tomorrow for the very first time"No Doubt - Simple Kind of LifeL
21. "C'est-pas possible cet amour c'est incroyable"Gwen Stefani - Luxurious
3. "Can't win you're always right behind me"Spice Girls - StopO
31. "Take my hand let's disappear"Geri Halliwell - Scream If You Wanna Go Faster
4. "Don't forget I'm always near"Eurythmics - Take Your Pain AwayN
33. "A million little deaths you've died"Annie Lennox - The Hurting Time
5. "Every time she comes to mind my friend"Jackson 5 - She's GoodD
20. "In broad daylight"Michael Jackson - Bad
6. "Mother Mary comes to me"The Beatles - Let It BeI
32. "He didn't feel any pain"Paul McCartney - Looking for Changes
7. "Making small circles move across the surface"Matchbox Twenty - The DifferenceE
27. "Falling down under the pale moonlight"Rob Thomas - Ever the Same
8. "I'm getting buck wild tonight"Destiny's Child - Sexy DaddyS
25. "Dropping everything that's what I'll do"Beyonce - Suga Mama
9. "Now in the unemployment lines"Take That - It Only Takes a MinuteL
18. "We've got stars directing our fate"Robbie Williams - Millennium
10. "Maybe he'll be my cure"Blue Angel - Maybe He'll KnowO
30. "Left suppresses right"Cyndi Lauper - You Don't Know
11. "Mighty high and hopeless"Boyzone - All the Time in the WorldW
34. "Our love is getting back on track"Ronan Keating - (We Just Need) Time
12. "You didn't show up that night"Genesis - MisunderstandingM
24. "Just like you never left"Phil Collins - You Know What I Mean
13. "Children groovin' women confusion"Black Eyed Peas - Say GoodbyeO
26. "I rock it hardcore for my fly ladies"Fergie - Here I Come
14. "But I just said I hate heights"The Go-Gos - Forget That DayT
29. "Believing forever"Belinda Carlisle - Remember September
15. "I have lost my illusions"Savage Garden - So BeautifulI
23. "Heat that denigrates"Darren Hayes - Dirty
16. "Young teacher the subject"The Police - Don't Stand So Close to MeO
22. "I'll always be a slave to your charms"Sting - We'll Be Together
17. "First a drink then a laugh"Rogue Traders - Better in the DarkN
19. "I'm left here with the pieces of another try"Natalie Bassingthwaighte - Turn the Lights On

This spells the phrase BLONDIE "SLOW MOTION", to which the corresponding solo and antonym counterpart is Deborah Harry's RUSH RUSH.