Stick Man

by Craig Kasper



The image presented is a doctored version of XKCD comic 609 ("Tab Explosion").

The reactions of the character to the content being read have been replaced with reactions to specific Irregular Webcomic! webcomics. (Irregular Webcomic! is a Lego webcomic alluded to in the "blockheads" reference in the flavortext.)

As clued by the presented image's annotation, each of these particular IW webcomics contains in its annotation, a link to a specific named trope on the TV Tropes wiki; a site mentioned in the original XKCD 609 comic).

The comics referenced, along with the trope listed in the annotation for each, in the order they appear in the puzzle, are:

Taking the initials of these tropes, in order, spells the final answer MISTED.