For Whom the Bella Toils


Remaining under his cloak, Harry overhears the two Death Eaters he had followed hissing to each other quietly:

"Alas, Snape, your talents are SO 15th century!" said Bellatrix LeStrange. "Why, for the past month I have tested this brilliantly modern plan on some filthy muggles, with WONDERFUL resu--"

"Oh, don't be such a ... pill, Bella - remember, the Dark Lord charged ME with the task of killing the old wizard! Come, I have something that might help..."

As they leave Snape's office, Harry entered and spied the curious assortment boxed neatly on the teacher's desk. Aha, the nullification spell Slughorn taught them last month would surely spoil Bella's plot to kill Dumbledore! But - oh no! What was the last part of the incantation? Hurry, Harry, the clock is ticking!

pillbox Pills