Need to Take Someone Out?

by Nathan Fung and Justin Kao, with the assistance of Joseph DeVincentis and Mark Halpin



The answer to each clue is the nickname of a Zipcar.

Purple dinosaurBarney
A Cambridge Carrotmob organizer's first nameMaegan
Role for Price opposite West and WardEgghead
Kill a piece of legislationVeto
Escorted Griffin to 2009 Teen Choice AwardJohnston
Diskant portrayer in Street KingsEvans
Hole in oneAce
Extraordinarily talented canine actor born "Higgins"Benji
Red Sox pitcher with the most savesPapelbon
Eva who wrote The Secret of Platform 13Ibbotson

As hinted by the acrostic clues which spells the phrase PARKED HERE, all these Zipcars have parking pods near MIT. The locations of these parking pods can be found here. At the time of the hunt their locations were as shown below.

On one of the parking signs at each pod where each car is parked is a stickered letter. Taken in order of the given clues spells out the answer CARBURETOR.

Upon completing this puzzle, the following animated image is revealed on the round page: