When Edison heard how good his recorded voice sounded, he tried saying things in all kinds of different ways.

"Ah, I see this house lacks a straight subordinate projecting part."

"Apropos of nothing, that's the oldest free dorm on campus."

"Awww, I wuuuvvvvvvvs maple tree syrup."

"Did you hear the one about the guy playing the guitar score for The Fray?"

"I contend that you're wrong about the total number of wee crossbow bolts."

"I both believe and disbelieve that a couple of spine surgeons are better than a single medic."

"I'm willing to concede that Love Hate & Life singer's last name sounds Irish."

"I repeat yet again: I do not have any new radials or retreads."

"It's absolutely terrible when Ebert picks acts like a high-strung kid."

"May I please have a fun piece of this foliated metamorphic rock?"

"My converted warehouse apartment is far, far better done than yours."

"My eyes tear up when I think of the program matching few students to international research and internships."

"Oldman completely sucked playing that Glee singer."

"On my honor, I love hearing music Previn played on a compact piano."

"That hick's bloody severed head is reminiscent of hulled grain and a British four-penny coin."

"... waves ... constant ... phase ... relative ... I've not ... "

"Your frigate has its complement of live marines, your most glorious majesty."