Tower House

by Mark Halpin



The grid may first be completed as shown. Columns 3, 8, and 15 contain unclued entries giving the message HIDDEN GEMCRAFT LEVELS.

In the game Gemcraft, there are eight hidden levels, each associated with a particular color of gem and each with three preset towers. These 13 x 15 Gemcraft gameboards can be aligned with the 13 x 15 crossword grid associating each tower with a particular letter.

Click on individual grids to enlarge

The flavor text mentions "anyone coming down the road toward his home". For each level, take the tower letters in order along the road to the player's home and order the trigrams as the respective levels appear on the Gemcraft map (Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, Lime, Orange, Purple & Cyan). The result is the phrase FOR BEEGEES IT IS ALBUM SEVEN. The Bee Gees' seventh album is CUCUMBER CASTLE.