Nuptial Date Announced


Jules Verne found that after getting married he no longer had to use such arbitrary methods (such as always considering Y a consonant and using just both the first and last name except in two cases that include a Roman numeral and a middle name) in order to decide whether to accept the idea of marrying someone when he could not determine what to do, though he had to keep checking his results since he usually accepted an extra person each time.

  • "At length the day is come on which I am to flirt my last with [a male friend]," wrote this author in a letter,"and when you receive this it will be over. My tears flow as I write at the melancholy idea."
  • Gregory Peck's grandson's namesake, this author enjoyed a companionship with Truman Capote.
  • Her last courtship, with a man 22 years her junior, ended when she was 48.
  • More than once named the Most Powerful Woman in the world by Forbes magazine, she demonstrated a softer side when performing classical music duets with Yo-Yo Ma.
  • Perhaps this woman's affairs with many important men influenced her menswear-inspired fashion; at least they were part of what inspired a musical based on her life.
  • Several of this author's novels were semi-autographical accounts of her life and those of her sisters; the particulars of her alter-ego's marriage, however, differed markedly from her own life.
  • Significant males in this woman's life ran the gamut from Elian G. to Will F., who she danced with on TV.
  • This Pulitzer Prize winner, once Glamour magazine's "Woman of the Year", made rather a point of emasculating Al Gore.
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