Dr Ox's Experiment

by Julia Sabin and Mike Sylvia, with performances by Wes Carroll



The video blog entries are styled after those from the hit web series "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.". Each video mentions a character from the series and describes a mistake made by Dr. Horrible during his various escapades. These are each entries in Peter's Evil Overlord List, a viral comedy piece listing stereotypical supervillain blunders. This list is clued by the flavor text as #17 is "When I employ people as advisors, I will occasionally listen to their advice."

Indexing into the names of the characters by each digit of the number on the list yields the answer BROTHER JUNIPER.

VideoCharacterEvil Overlord List ItemLetters
1Bad Horse#16 (I will never utter the sentence "But before I kill you, there's just one thing I want to know")B, R
2Moist#25 (No matter how well it would perform, I will never construct any sort of machinery which is completely indestructible except for one small and virtually inaccessible vulnerable spot)O, T
3Fake Thomas Jefferson#64 (I will see a competent psychiatrist and get cured of all extremely unusual phobias and bizarre compulsive habits which could prove to be a disadvantage)H, E
4Hourglass#40 (I will be neither chivalrous nor sporting. If I have an unstoppable superweapon, I will use it as early and as often as possible instead of keeping it in reserve)R, _
5Johnny Snow#1 (My Legions of Terror will have helmets with clear plexiglass visors, not face-concealing ones)J
6Pink Pummeler#63 (Bulk trash will be disposed of in incinerators, not compactors. And they will be kept hot, with none of that nonsense about flames going through accessible tunnels at predictable intervals)U, N
7Purple Pimp#87 (My vats of hazardous chemicals will be covered when not in use. Also, I will not construct walkways above them)I, P
8Professor Normal#59 (I will never build a sentient computer smarter than I am)E, R