Around the World in 80 Days

by Mark Halpin



As hinted by the flavortext, the sixteen images depict Monopoly locations; eight destinations each from the Monopoly Here and Now: the World and Monopoly Here and Now: The US editions.

These locations can be matched in pairs representing the same space on the Monopoly board and ordered by the likelihood of landing on these spaces ("you're certainly more likely to end up in some places than in others"). Note that while there is some ambiguity in the exact frequencies of landing on certain locations in Monopoly depending on the strategy employed, the locations used are unambiguous relative to each other.

  • London / Disneyworld (Illinois Avenue)
  • Rome / South Beach (St. James Place)
  • Istanbul / Centennial Olympic Park (St. Charles Place)
  • Hong Kong / Hollywood (Ventnor Ave.)
  • Jerusalem / Golden Gate Bridge (Marvin Gardens)
  • Toronto / Liberty Bell (Virginia Ave.)
  • Barcelona / Gateway Arch (Vermont Ave.)
  • Tokyo / Grand Ole Opry (Oriental Ave.)

Once the pairs are established and ordered as above, the digits given on them may be combined and entered into the appropriate space before and after the slash. For example, London +3/-3 and Disneyworld +0/+4 combine to 3/1 so that 3 is entered in the first latitude space and 1 is entered in the first longitude space.

The resulting latitude and longitude (35.972679 / -115.16681) correspond to the middle of an obscure little byway in Las Vegas, NV, SPURGELAUREL WILD or SPURGELAUREL STREET (both answers are acceptable).