20,000 Leagues Under the Sea


In an unpublished chapter of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Captain Nemo asks another captain to assist with four naval training exercises as seen below. (This is supposedly due to the other captain's extensive knowledge of fish, though this turns out to be a misunderstanding.)

In this puzzle, you must recreate these exercises by placing all four fleets so that no ships come into contact, even diagonally - and even if the ships aren't participating in the same exercise. Nemo was only able to provide less than half of his expected complement of vessels, and so several of his vessels participated simultaneously in multiple exercises. The other captain supplied all of the other vessels, and each only participated in one exercise.

First, though, you should use the clues below to find Nemo's vessels, as well as the locations where nothing (not even a letter) is allowed to enter.

  1. Screen
  2. B horizon, e.g.
  3. Spy in the news in 1994
  4. Barbie Girl band
  5. Partial proof, possibly
  6. White house area
  7. Go round in circles, maybe
  8. Slangy negative
  9. Picnic at 11-down
  10. Maintain possession of
  11. What Windows has that DOS did not
  12. Carpenter's activity, at times
  13. Stadium shout
  14. Perl alterternative
  15. Dander
  16. Mongol's dwelling
  17. Forced endurance
  18. Turbulent
  19. Grown-up grub
  20. Even if, poetically
  21. TV's Tatyana and Mahershalalhashbaz
  22. Lessen in intensity
  23. Toddler's booboo
  24. Th. D.'s subj.
  25. FaceBook event notification, e.g.
  26. It's mouth-watering
  27. Uncalled-for
  28. Induce a perjurer
  29. You might catch it at the X-Games
  30. WETA Digital competitor
  31. Long-time MTV show: abbr
  32. Disappears into the atmosphere, perhaps
  33. Wheat: Fr.
  34. Major "Chuck" sponsor
  35. Protuberance on a shield
  36. Home of the San Marino GP
  37. Duck: sp.
  38. Come down
  39. Watering holes of sorts
  40. Org. of like-minded people, perhaps
  41. Portend
  42. Mother-of-pearl
  43. Fraternity characters
  1. Overtly masculine
  2. Peer
  3. Distance unit equivalent to 80 Gunter's chains
  4. Actor famous mostly around Denver
  5. Like impulse-powered travel on Star Trek
  6. Make more attention-getting
  7. Science magazine in print from 1978 to 1995
  8. __ Little Teapot
  9. Create a blockade, with "to"
  10. Completely wrong, so to speak
  11. Home to Haleakala National park
  12. Nicole's Moulin Rouge co-star
  13. Tighten one's lugs
  14. __ Arena (where the Kings play)
  15. Be inquisitive
  16. Co. nicknamed "Big Brown"
  17. Sends an unsolicited manuscript, say
  18. Become cynical
  19. That's clearly unbelievable
  20. The O in Monopoly's B & O Railroad
  21. Coward on the stage
  22. It gets raised on a farm
  23. Titular apiarist of 1997
  24. End of a famous Clinton evasion
  25. Anarchistic activity
  26. First player to win the Hart Trophy three times in a row
  27. Fashion's Tahari
  28. Monastic title
  29. Crooner who penned the autobiography "Singing was The Easy Part"
  30. Tenant-to-tenant agreement
  31. More phat
  32. Dustin's "Midnight Cowboy" role
  33. Site of Interpol's headquarters
  34. Cambridge, to Boston
  35. Chat user's "That's hilarious!"
  36. Bibliographic abbr.
  37. Anjou kin
  38. Below average
  39. Ovine utterance