Excerpt from the Journal of Alexander von Humboldt:

Besides pyramids, Alphonse and Betty were searching for a few other ancient sites (and were careful to value each one absolutely precisely). They felt tired after so much exploring.

  1. The board was arranged with yellow at Alphonse's left
  2. At the end of the game, there were no cards in the discard piles, and each player had played cards in every expedition. Nobody played more than 6 cards on one expedition
  3. There were exactly six investment cards played (that is, not discarded), five by Alphonse and one by Betty. Each player made a positive score on each expedition in which they played one or more investment cards
  4. Betty played exactly 3 cards on each of three expeditions. White was the only expedition Betty didn't play at least three consecutive numbers in. Betty did not play the same set of three consecutive numbers in any two different expeditions
  5. Alphonse only played two numbers in yellow. He played the same numbers (with other cards) in blue and green
  6. Alphonse played four 2s and no 6s. Betty played no 2s. Except for these cases, each player played at least 1 and no more than 3 of each number
  7. Alphonse's red expedition was worth more points than any other expedition by either player, and yet Betty achieved a positive score in red, something she did not do in two other expeditions
  8. If the green 6 Betty played had been an investment card, the cards Betty played in green would have been the same as the cards Alphonse played in white
  9. The last card in the draw pile was the red 3. It was the only odd-numbered card among the 16 cards in the players' hands at the end of the game
  10. Exactly four of Alphonse's blue cards have the same numbers as cards Betty played in yellow
  11. In one expedition, Alphonse played no even numbers. He scored an odd number of points for this expedition
  12. All five 10s were played